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Once again my sincere thanks for all the superb advice i have received on this thread. Some very interesting answers to this one. I will certainly be more conscious of my bell direction. It naturally plays across the band, and i do play a little bit into the stand. Annie a good suggestion there as well. I am currently working on high note muscle memory (without force) and it is starting to work well. Both as you and Nordland have suggested, my embouchure is a little tense, and i need to continue work on finding a more relaxed note center. By the way Nordland, i have never heard Tine play before. She is superb, and as you say relaxed. Actually another good clip on that page is Mendez. He always looks relaxed around the chops.

Y/W for the suggestion - I know that helped me when my high notes go "blah". I think I'm going to go and take my own advice (and the rest on the page as well)...I'm never not playing for 3 weeks straight again. AAH!