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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Torn muscle in throat in the General forums; Originally Posted by tombrown1 Thanks for the responses. I did talk to my surgeon - and he feels strongly that ...
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    Re: Torn muscle in throat

    Quote Originally Posted by tombrown1 View Post
    Thanks for the responses. I did talk to my surgeon - and he feels strongly that it will heal itself over time.

    As for disability - I'm in the military so that's not an issue for me.

    Symptoms - swelling in my neck near the thyroid - and a brittle feeling in which it is obvious that the neck muscles won't be able to take it if I throw another high c at them.

    A torn muscle (anywhere on the body) always has an "oh s**t" moment (pardon the language - that's the way I read it described on a medical website) in which you immediately know something has happened - it is very obvious.
    Glade to see you have the military health care. Tricare for life I think they call it? I think it is a pretty good system.
    I hope you can get this problem worked out in short order.
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    Re: Torn muscle in throat

    Hey guys - thanks for the well wishes.

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    Re: Torn muscle in throat

    hi....i would also like to know how are you handling or handled your condition. i found this site by way of google. i wanted to know if there was anyone else that had a torn throat. two months ago i found out that mine was torn. because of my allergies and nasal infections i have mysteriously developed it made the area where it was torn allot worst. i am a vocalist as well as a saxophonist, between the two i was told it didnt make my situation better. so now i have no voice at all, going through the ups and downs of swollen glands, face, nasal and throat. i am told i have to do surgery like the one you have had done, my nasal and tonsils need to be removed. i feel more than jus crippled but i just want to get better.

    i am on some kind of meds that has me so high at night i can't sleep..i dont even remember sleeping. my doctor tells me to continue to take it till i am schedule for surgery.

    i am open to suggestions and encouragements

    Quote Originally Posted by tombrown1 View Post
    Hey everyone. I'm writing to know if anybody knows anybody who has experience with a torn strap muscle in their throat.

    A couple of weeks ago I was playing some very loud high passages for a concert and felt something go in my throat. It has been diagnosed as a torn strap muscle (near the thyroid about two inches below the Adam's apple).

    I'm unable to play and am looking for anybody who has some experience with this sort of thing.

    One year ago I had a surgery to remove half of my thyroid - and this muscle tear is in the same area that was operated on.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Re: Torn muscle in throat

    Quote Originally Posted by stchasking View Post
    This is a good reason to carry disability insurance. I had a policy when I was younger. I dropped it when I became retired. It is fairly cheap insurance. A couple hundred $ year and tax deductible if self employed.
    The only cheap disability insurance requires that you be TOTALLY disabled before you can collect anything. The more expensive policies will pay certain amounts if you are partially disabled.
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    Re: Torn muscle in throat

    Did your surgeon tell you this second injury was made more likely by the thyroid surgery? I had abdominal surgery (almost 8 yrs ago now) and within a year had an abdominal hernia. It required a simple operational fix--outpatient clinic. But the point is, that my original surgeon then said to me, Oh yeah, probability of hernia is raised by an abdominal operation. I don't know if it is meaningful to have known this ahead of time. But my guess is that the probability of that strap muscle going was raised by your thyroid surgery and someone might have known that and said, play within the staff for a year. Just a thought. Hindsight remains perfect! Good luck.

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