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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trial Trumpet Lessons in the General forums; Originally Posted by turtlejimmy I agree with pretty much all the advice here. I'm taking a drum lesson on Monday ...
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    Re: Trial Trumpet Lessons

    Quote Originally Posted by turtlejimmy View Post
    I agree with pretty much all the advice here. I'm taking a drum lesson on Monday from someone who tours in the summer with a famous musician. By all accounts, among those of my musician friends who know her, she's a great teacher. Even so, I consider the lesson a trial one. I'm hoping it will work well between us. I always go into the first lesson with hope but no expectations.

    Hope you don't shell out too much!
    Nothing is more contagious or tenacious than music. Once you are exposed it gets inside you and you can never get rid of it. It is also non-discriminating. It can be Ride of the Valkyries, In a Gadda da Vida, the Jeopardy 15 second thinking tune, your most disliked commercial jingle - it doesn't matter. Once triggered, off you go, like it or not.

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    Re: Trial Trumpet Lessons

    Totally agree as mentioned on my returning thread I've just got a new teacher and he was as nervous as I was (almost) about whether we would click and be able to learn from each other and bothe be able to bring something fresh to my lessons (I am a fairly experienced player but still want to improve and take exams etc.

    We didn't call my first lesson a trial lesson as such but If I hadn't enjoyed it that would have been it.

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    Re: Trial Trumpet Lessons

    Quote Originally Posted by veery715 View Post
    Hope you don't shell out too much!

    Haha ... That's another reason I want to check her out first in a trial lesson, she's kind of expensive.

    Trumpets are for extroverts - Lee Morgan

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