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Clarke had a brilliant approach: soft and slow, work on KKKKKKKK as much as TTTTTTTT.
Many beginners (intermediates, pros) have better luck with gggggggg instead of K and dddddddd instead of T as they are spoken with less force. In theory, that should make no difference, but it practically does.
The fast tongueing required by the Carnival needs a tongue that flows on your airstream. That is why soft and slow are VERY significant in the beginning. If you train your tongue to work like a jackhammer, you will never be able to play quickly. You can train tonguing without the horn too: Ddg Ddg Ddg Ddg............... and alternatively Dgd Dgd Dgd Dgd Dgd....... The first syllable should be LIGHTLY accented. Use a metronome, aim for rhythmic perfection!
Many thanks, Rowuk.

I guess there must be many improving players like myself who find this sort of informed advice invaluable so your posts are not just of value to the originator of the thread.

Not that I shall be attempting the awesome carnival in the foreseeable future.