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Trumpet Discussion Discuss "A Tribute to William Vacchiano" in the General forums; Very interesting read with good stories... trib pt 1.htm...
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    "A Tribute to William Vacchiano"

    Very interesting read with good stories... trib pt 1.htm
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    Re: "A Tribute to William Vacchiano"

    This will get you to the Stork site, then click on the Vacchiano link.
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    Re: "A Tribute to William Vacchiano"

    Great article. The "Strauss test" must have been one practiced by a few cruel conductors in those days. When Bud Herseth was put to the test, he finally, and very politely, informed Reiner that he would play the call as many times as requested even into the afternoon rehearsal but if Reiner wanted to work on something useful then he should move on (paraphase).

    I have often immagined mysel in this position and know I would have cracked like a soft boiled egg.

    T. Mac

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    Re: "A Tribute to William Vacchiano"

    Thank you Wilmer my old teacher

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