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Trumpet Discussion Discuss trigger trumpets in the General forums; Originally Posted by BustedChops wouldn't be a helluva lot easier to play a little flat or sharp? In a word ...
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    Re: trigger trumpets

    Quote Originally Posted by BustedChops View Post
    wouldn't be a helluva lot easier to play a little flat or sharp?

    In a word .... no.


    Okay ..... maybe. But, why would you want to play a little flat or sharp?
    Trumpets are for extroverts - Lee Morgan

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    I prefer saddles and rings on my trumpets and cornets.
    I really like the feel of controlling the length
    of tubing on both slides. That is just my preference.
    I actually changed the 1st slide trigger to a saddle on my
    Bach-Stradivarius Bb Cornet because the trigger kept jamming mid way.
    Yes I have properly lubricated the slide but still it kept jamming on me.
    As a result the saddle completely solved my problem. Seriously!!!

    I believe triggers work very well for Flugelhorns (especially if the 3rd slide tubing points in a downward
    direction) and Rotary trumpets (because of the way you have to hold the instrument).
    Last edited by piccolomaster; 11-28-2013 at 02:33 PM. Reason: adding more information.
    Bb trpt: Bach-Stradivarius 180ML silver
    C trpt: Bach-Stradivarius 180CC silver (might add Melk leadpipe)
    C rotary trpt: Ganter G3a gold brass (Cichowicz was owner)
    Eb/D trpt: Schilke E3L gold-plated
    Bb/A picc. trpt: Bach-Artisan AP190S
    Bb/A rotary picc. trpt: Scherzer 8111 gold brass
    Bb cornet: Bach-Stradivarius 184L gold-plated

    Wedge mouthpieces: B10.5C (piccolo trumpets), 1.5AC (cornet), 1.5BC (Bb, C, D, & Eb trumpets)
    Stomvi 1.5C and/or Breslmair G1 (C rotary trumpet)

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    Re: trigger trumpets

    Quote Originally Posted by oldlou View Post
    I guess that I have to be the oddball 'again'. My prime trumpet is a Conn 2B New World Symphony that was built with a first valve trigger and an underslung third valve fixed ring. I MUCH prefer a spring loaded trigger for first valve slide actuation. To squeez is a more natural muscular movement than to extend, as must be done with a saddle. OLDLOU>>
    I'd love to see a pic of this one! I have a '49 in raw brass. Nice horn. I'd love to fine a '40 or a '41.

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