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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Triple Tonguing in the General forums; So I have been wondering for a while now, the "correct way" to triple tongue. For quite a while I ...
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    Triple Tonguing

    So I have been wondering for a while now, the "correct way" to triple tongue.

    For quite a while I have been triple tonguing: Ta Ka Ta Ta Ka Ta Ta Ka Ta Ta Ka...etc.

    Do the syllables really matter, and if so, why?

    Ex.) Tu, Ta, Du, Da,..etc

    And also, should it really go Ta Ta Ka Ta Ta Ka Ta Ta Ka...etc, like the Arban's book says to?

    I have actually been trying to do this now for a week or so.

    Does it make the triplets more even?

    I emphasize the 2nd "Ta", just because it makes it seem easier.

    Or is it the correct way to always emphasize the 1st "Ta"?
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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    I have always heard that you should use the syllable that works best for you. I personally use du-ga-du, and it works really well for the Enesco Legend, for me anyway. Either way you do it, it isn't likely that the audience will hear which syllable you are using through the horn. I have no idea about the emphasis though.
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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    I tend to do your way, which my teacher doesn't like, but it comes a little faster than the other way, in which the first ta for some reason comes hesitant.
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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    During practice I like to really mix it up. Trying to make the T and the K as even as possible, so that there is no discernible difference. For example, Clarke's study #7 works really well for this

    I don't think much about the syllable. Though I suppose for stacatto I'm using TaKa and for legato I'm using DuGu.
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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    Check out this book Irons, Earl D. -- 27 Groups of Exercises for Trumpet at Thompson Music it contains the best triple tonguing exercises I have seen, plus a lot of other very useful stuff
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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    My advice from my own experience:
    Don't ever let a teacher modify what you're doing unless you have a problem doing it. If the old way of tonguing feels natural and you're doing well at it, keep improving on what you're already doing. I was always a very good tonguer, but I had other areas that needed work. One day my teacher had me switch to this 'modified-k' approach'.. It really made it difficult for me and it wasn't neccessary.

    Like Claude Gordon says, when you learned to talk did you worry about where your tongue was or how your embouchure was shaped? You just let the words come out naturally.
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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    The consummate trumpeter wants it all. We MUST have T,K,D,G,R,L as syllables with A,E,I,O,U as vowels in our palette of articulations. I use both TTK and TKT for triple tonguing. It really depends on the musical context.

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    Re: Triple Tonguing

    I agree. You should eventually be able to do all the different combinations of syllables. My usual advice for students is to start with whichever one works the best for you, and then you add the others as you are able.
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