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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Triple tonguing in the General forums; Arban's says tu tu ku I think I was taught 26 years ago ta-ka-ta which seems a whole lot more ...
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    Triple tonguing

    Arban's says tu tu ku I think I was taught 26 years ago ta-ka-ta which seems a whole lot more natural to me. Some teach ta-ka-ta then ka-ta-ka which would require some more discipline for me to learn.

    What do you teach?

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    Re: Triple tonguing

    ta-ka-ta ka-ta-ka sounds like double tounging to me only in a different packaging. If you use ta-ka-ta its probably because of 26 years of getting used to it. I was tought tu-tu-ku a long time ago and I believe that is the norm but to each his own. Best wishes.
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    Re: Triple tonguing

    tu tu ku is the norm to use for triple tongue but ta ka ta , ka ta ka can be used also and depending on the situation (accents, phrasing etc..) can come in handy sometimes. I suggest practicing both methods so you have more options in your arsenal.

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    Re: Triple tonguing

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    Tu tu ku is the "standard" way, tu ku tu-tu ku tu works also very well and if you have what it takes, tu ku tu - KU tu ku is fine, you just have to have enough control to accent the correct part of the beat. The audience could care less, so the best medicine is thousands of repetitions one way and once that way really works, develop plan "B".
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    Re: Triple tonguing

    If it can't be doubled I don't need to play it.

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