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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Triple Tonguing Advice in the General forums; I think Glenn's game idea is aces. And I've been practicing the dbl tonguing sections in Arbans: single as fast ...
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    Re: Triple Tonguing Advice

    I think Glenn's game idea is aces. And I've been practicing the dbl tonguing sections in Arbans: single as fast as I can, K fast as I can and be clear, slow then fast double tonguing.

    At moments, I might be riding the wave like Rowuk said, but it's still a way off.

    Oh, got the idea from Eric Bolvin's The Arban's Manual.
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    Re: Triple Tonguing Advice

    One that Jacoby has in his book for this is ta-da-ga. For things like triple tongueing variations in cornet solos, it works really well, but not for fanfare type things. It has a nice flow to it. The reason it works is the tongue movement is less and it its in three different places on the tongue.

    (thinking too much again about what is going on physically I have gotta stop doing that)
    Per aspera ad astra

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    Re: Triple Tonguing Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Yates View Post
    Try da-da-ga. Over the course of a week practice this section ........
    This is the same advise that I got from Sidney Baker at Music and Art High School aprox. 30 years ago. Henry Nowak shared the same info with me ten years later.
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    Re: Triple Tonguing Advice

    Best thing for me was always tonguing on the mouthpiece. Do a minute of double and triple with a rest between at a comfortable fast speed that you can keep up for that long. Then after a break, 30 seconds of the fastest you can do, trying to keep the miss rate low (but dont worry about that too much! Let yourself get used to pushing your tonguing speed beyond its max) Then end off with 30 seconds again at a slow steady pace to level yourself off. The results for myself have been fast and very noticable.
    After you get it, bump up the time, there is no limit.

    Hope it works

    p.s. For this its good to practice crisp tonguing, with the very tip. Good luck!

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    Re: Triple Tonguing Advice

    Tonguing whilst whistling can be some great away from the horn practice, and don't forget to practice your multiple tonguing slowly as well, so that you have a healthy overlapping zone where you can single and multiple tongue at the same speed.

    Have fun!
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    Re: Triple Tonguing Advice

    I suggest picking a triple tounge motion, like ta-ta-ka or ta ka ta ta ka ta, and just sorta saying in your spare time like while watching tv. No one even has to see u do it, just do the motions in your mouth and eventual it comes.

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