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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trouble with endurence and swelling in the General forums; If money permits get a private TRUMPET teacher ASAP. Someone who plays trumpet really well and has successful students. You've ...
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    Re: Trouble with endurence and swelling

    If money permits get a private TRUMPET teacher ASAP. Someone who plays trumpet really well and has successful students. You've got some really bad habits that are causing you to use way too much mouthpiece pressure.
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    Re: Trouble with endurence and swelling


    I see you are the same player that started the thread about your band director putting all the trumpeters on the same mouthpiece next year. I can now see why she made this desperate threat. If there are some students in the concert band playing on Schilke 14A4a mouthpieces (that would be you) the trumpet section probably is not achieving a characteristic concert band sound.

    I suggest you get a private trumpet teacher asap, and I bet that teacher will have you ditch the 14A4a immediately for something like a Bach 3C or 5C as a starting point for developing your sound. Work on your sound first, and everything else will eventually follow.

    During your lessons, ask your trumpet teacher to teach you how to listen for pitch vibrations so you can learn to play in tune with another player. When you return to school in the fall, discuss with your band director what you learned about sound and intonation and I bet she will be very pleased with your growth as a musician.

    Good luck to you (from a trumpet-playing school band director.)
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    Re: Trouble with endurence and swelling

    I agree with Rowuk. With lip swelling, when you start on a rehabilitation course, the 14A4A will be a hindrance. The 7C is a nice middle of the road piece to start without confining swollen lips, which is what the 14A4A will do to you at this point of fresh injury.
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    Re: Trouble with endurence and swelling

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    The mouthpiece has NOTHING to do with the swelling unless you have an allergy to metal.

    For players with lips that swell, the question is, is that because of lack of practice and the body is fighting back, is it because of excessive hydration (the warm time of the year is coming up) or is it a constant thing.

    I consider the 14A4A to be a specialty mouthpiece. It CAN be used by players of all lip size, they should know exactly why they are using it (and be practicing enough to make it work) however. It is shallow and swollen lips CAN bottom out, ending the ability to produce sound immediately.

    I think your 7C probably is safer because you have no idea what is going on.

    For players just messing around and not getting any real help from the outside (the internet does not count), extreme equipment makes no sense.
    I had the same problem and it turned out to be how I practiced and the amount of time I practiced.

    I also will say that Bach makes a 7A and a 7B and a 7BW and a 7CW all of these are deeper and 2 of them have a cushion rim......

    Also I found that because I have a huge overbite that if I spread my lips apart that they do not bottom out......
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