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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trouble With Mouthpiece Pressure and air problem in the General forums; that is extrmely true because realistically we all have to survive so putting in 8 hours a day practising isn't ...
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    Re: Trouble With Mouthpiece Pressure and air problem

    that is extrmely true because realistically we all have to survive so putting in 8 hours a day practising isn't really my cup of tea, but i honestly don't know how any human being can concentrate for that period of time let alone have enough chops to do so. on the other, yes they are all exceptional performers but at the same time they are all average people that eventually turned into what they became.

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    Re: Trouble With Mouthpiece Pressure and air problem

    For me.I find doing flexibilities studies like the arban"s on pg.44 really strenthens the embrosure.You can really fine tune your placement with these same keys exercises,while at the same time strengthing all the facial muscles envolved in playing.The redness is due to a lack of blood supply not so much irritation.Warming down long low tones get the lips vibrating,or just flapping you lips helps.Finally when I use a lip balm, I massage it in a minute or so to loosen them up.Don

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    Re: Trouble With Mouthpiece Pressure and air problem

    Quote Originally Posted by veery715 View Post
    You are describing the habits of exceptional performers with very well developed chops and tongues. I don't know how Mendez could play that much, and still find time to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom (maybe he played on the toilet!). For the rest of us mortals it is wise to do everything in moderation. 6 hours divided into 3 or 4 sessions is possible, but still one needs to make a living and most of us don't do that on the trumpet.
    It isn't how much you practice, but how.

    All that you state is fine, other than your last sentence. Proper practice is absolutely imperitive, BUT, length of time in practice is what builds endurance as well. In horsemanship the saying is that," it takes a whole lot of wet saddle balnkets to make a good saddle horse. In rifle or pistol marksmanship the saying is very similar, " it takes a great number of dented primers to make a successful marksman. The more properly spent time behind the mouthpiece is what is needed to gain endurance and agility. The tone always improves as well.

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    Re: Trouble With Mouthpiece Pressure and air problem

    As with any sport, there is a point of diminishing returns. I am not sure that 8 hours a day CAN produce better results than 4 or 5. We shouldn't forget the muscles involved in trumpet playing are not used to lift weights, they must remain EXTREMELY pliable and sensitive to function correctly.

    When we practice, we are building fine motor habits, strength and hopefully enough intelligence to keep from dramatically over-extending ourselves and creating lasting damage.

    OldLous point is that we need to pay our dues. That is physical time behind the horn and there are NO shortcuts.
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