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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Anniversary in the General forums; On this day and month in 2012 I experienced my 1st trumpet lesson with my teacher....
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    Trumpet Anniversary

    On this day and month in 2012 I experienced my 1st trumpet lesson with my teacher.
    Getzen 907S Eterna Proteus

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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary. I hope you enjoy playing the trumpet as much as I have. Earlier this year I began my comeback after not playing for 34 years. So glad to be able to play once again.

    By the way, you have good taste in horns! : )

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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    Mikel Dupac / Lawler C7-3R-1A + Prana B6S1R
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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    Quote Originally Posted by bamajazzlady View Post
    On this day and month on 2012 I experienced my 1st trumpet lesson with my teacher.
    Congrats! It was December 19th two years ago I began my lessons with a great teacher. Hope all is going well.

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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    Congratulations, bamajazzlady!
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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    Props to you, ma'am.

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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    Congrats on 12 months with the teacher lessons.

    Have you found them worth-while?
    What has been your biggest revelation?
    Are you aiming to continue for another 12 months?

    You failed to tell us if it has been good or bad for you. Did you go back for the second lesson..??

    Tell us more, tell us more, tell us more, please.

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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    I must admit that I have been following you with great interest ever since you "accidentally" bought that awsome Getzen. From what I know your career as a trumpeter should be progressing nicely as your strong spirit simply doesnt take NO for an answer. Best wishes and BRAVO Bama.
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    Larry tscharner!
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    Re: Trumpet Anniversary

    How much practice time are you putting, takes a minimum of 1 hr. per day of focused concentration during practice and
    concentrating on the things you have trouble with. Controlled anger is good. How's your High Range?

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