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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet "bling bling" in the General forums; random i know but does anyone knowwhere u can get fancy trumpet buttons/keys. i know it wont improve the sound ...
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    Trumpet "bling bling"

    random i know but does anyone knowwhere u can get fancy trumpet buttons/keys.

    i know it wont improve the sound and i know the "proffesionals" will look down on me with distain but......i want them
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    Arrow "bling blong"

    hey now you mention it..
    i saw last week that Taylor is selling a pair of very nice caps...
    why don't you take a look?
    i saw it on the ebay shop he also has..

    give it a look...

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    Re: Trumpet "bling bling"

    I believe Dillon's has them too.
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    Re: Trumpet "bling bling"

    If you get heavy weight caps and buttons it WILL change the sound and no, pro's won't look down at you. A real pro doesn't judge someone like that.

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    Re: Trumpet "bling bling"

    Depending on the type of bling you get, it probably will change your sound. I have a set of heavy valve caps on the bottom of my Bach and it darkens the tone a little bit and improves the responce. I got mine from Harrelson Trumpets. Just Google "Harrelson Trumpets" and you can check out his work. Best o' luck to yah!

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    Re: Trumpet "bling bling"

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