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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Book List in the General forums; A post titled "5 best books" started in the forum and got me thinking. I will be compiling a list ...
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    Trumpet Book List

    A post titled "5 best books" started in the forum and got me thinking. I will be compiling a list of books for trumpet and you can help me create the list. What a great resource for others to use and it can be from us in the TM community. See the mentioned post and post away.


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    Re: Trumpet Book List

    There is a book like this in existence that is broken down quite comprehensibly. It is called "The Trumpet Teacher's Guide Book" by Mathais I believe. It is a masterlist of books to solve problems, etude, etc.
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    Re: Trumpet Book List

    Hahaha. Arban's anyone? Or affectionately called the trumpet bible, for classical music. Really helped my with learning double tonguing. Not great for jazz players though.
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    Re: Trumpet Book List

    I don't think the books matter one bit. Most all of the standards have similar content: long tones, lip slurs, articulation and velocity studies.

    If you want to study trumpet, you better know who Arban and Clarke are however.

    I use St.Jacome, Irons, Arban, Clarke and Schlossberg daily.
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