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Trumpet Discussion Discuss trumpet books in the General forums; Manny and folks, I saw few times on TM mentioned trumpets books which I have never seen, so I would ...
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    trumpet books

    Manny and folks,

    I saw few times on TM mentioned trumpets books which I have never seen, so I would like to know something more about.

    One of them was Cichowicz another one was Goldman...can you tell me something about these? Since conservatoire I was basing my routines on ASrban, Clarke, Schlossberg, Claude Rippas (Warm ups from the middle), Merri Franquin and sometimes Collins flexibilities. I would like to know something more about the trumpet books I mentioned above, and any other you use with succes.

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    Re: trumpet books

    I've seen the Collins, it's a good book to get for flexibilities, lots of excercises on the lip slur that look vaguely like pieces. I like it a lot and would recommend it for building lip strength as much as flexibility.
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    Re: trumpet books

    The Cichowicz is not a regularly pubished book like Arban and such. It's a collection of his favorite studies that he put together for his students in his studio only but, of course, such things always get out. I even have a copy of one.

    Goldman is a smaller book with nice articulation studies that are very easy to memorize and handy for touring and things where you need to cover the fundamentals of playing.


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