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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet with braces... SUCKS in the General forums; Oh yeah! My band director tried to get me to switch over to tuba while I had braces in middle ...
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    Re: Trumpet with braces... SUCKS

    Oh yeah! My band director tried to get me to switch over to tuba while I had braces in middle school. I said forget it!
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    Re: Trumpet with braces... SUCKS

    Am I the only one here who played better with my braces on then when they're off?
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    Re: Trumpet with braces... SUCKS

    Instead of worrying about what you can or can't do with braces why not work on technique with what you can do comfortably? You might even learn how to double and triple tongue.

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    Re: Trumpet with braces... SUCKS

    All right, here's my spiel.

    I started in 4th grade. They put the braces on at the end of 5th. I don't remember any difference because I really had no range to lose. Anyways, I hated the wax, so I learned to play without them. I never experienced the bleeding, the cut lips, or the shredded chops that other people talk about. Anyways, a few months ago they take just the top ones off. Took me a month or two to adjust, but I did. Tuesday they take the bottoms off. That'll be interesting.

    But there's a flip side--my friend lost a ton of range when he got his last year. He got lip protectors and they basically saved him. He can't really play without them.

    So, I guess the moral of the story is, figure out what works for you. But remember this:

    It will never feel "the same" ever again. You've gotta reconfigure everything, and figure out what works now, and not what worked before.

    It is possible. I am the proof.

    As for the endurance, try to use less pressure. It increase blood flow to the lips.

    Oh, and by the way, I've played with braces for over three years now.

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    Re: Trumpet with braces... SUCKS

    I never noticed any problems when I had them. The transition after getting them off took a little bit, but other than that it was all good.

    Just find the most comfortable way to play and power through it. You won't have them on forever!

    I hope it all works out for you.
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