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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists in the General forums; Originally Posted by Solar Bell ...and bought another Schilke B6. Probably my last horn, it's just too good. We shall ...
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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post
    ...and bought another Schilke B6. Probably my last horn, it's just too good.
    We shall see my friend, we shall see. Mwahh... ha... ha... ha...
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    1940 Olds Super Recording
    1946 Martin Committee
    1953 Olds Recording (LA)
    1965 Olds Ambassador
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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    I too am a trumpet whore.
    Same here..
    Yamaha, Bach, and Schilke...what Rowuk said, right tool for the job!

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    I too am a trumpet whore.
    Why did this pop into my mind?

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    You can't blow it if you haven't lived it.

    "Even if I could play like Wynton Marsalis, I wouldn't play like Wynton Marsalis."
    Chet Baker

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Bach, Conn, Reynolds, Olds, a Few TSO's that don't do too badly. Stuck on one brand..........nah
    Bach Artist LTD-1
    Yamaha YTR-732( now gone)
    Selman C, rose brass( ongoing experiment)
    72 Olds Custom Crafted

    Selman Flugle( I know, it's Chinese)( Any body got a Getzen valve block I can put in this thing?)
    Conn 17A Cornet
    Bugles across America

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Quote Originally Posted by kehaulani View Post
    Why did this pop into my mind?

    That's a STRUMPET
    Chuck Willard
    The Willard of Oz

    "Don't be afraid to see what you see."
    Ronald Reagan

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    When I couldn't afford them I was absolutely sure I'd end up playing a Bach or a Yamaha trumpet when I finally earned enough to buy one. Or a Besson cornet (Sovereign). So for the first 20 years I was possibly something like a "Bach or Yamaha loyalist", I just didn't have one. And then I did own (still do) a Bach and loved it - so still a loyalist at that stage.

    Then I found my Olds Recording and Shires Severinsen Destino III and suddenly the Strad wasn't being played so often (hardly at all). But I didn't switch to being a Shires or Olds loyalist -- the one other Olds trumpet I tried didn't suit me, and the other Shires horns I tried before I was presented with the Destino III to try didn't particularly grab me either.

    I still try out horns from time to time, and am still impressed with the Bachs (Yamahas slightly less so), but treat each horn on its merits - so I suppose the horn now has to be loyal to me.

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Well, the only brands i've had/have multiples of are Conn and Andalucía.
    1 Bach Strad'
    1 Yamaha
    1 Buescher
    1 Tromba (one too many, lol)
    1 Harrelson
    2 Conns
    2/3 AMI

    The Harrelson Summit C I received last week really has me re-thinking the non-loyalist strategy, though.
    Good God, the sound!
    Gian d.
    A trumpet's just a trumpet. The music's inside *you*.

    If what I've posted offends you, please feel free to leave your need for validation below.

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    I like both kinds of trumpets: Schilke "B" AND "S" series............

    Schilke B1 & S42 (Bb), Conn 38A Connstellation (Cornet), Bach Strad 183 (Flugel), French Besson Classic (C)
    Plus a modest collection of vintage trumpets.

    "True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country." Kurt Vonnegut

    "It aint the mouthpiece." W.W.

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter McNeill View Post
    ... I am just a Trumpet Tart...

    me too
    Horn.. What horn? I play piano

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    Re: Trumpet Brand Loyalists/Non-Loyalists

    I'm loyal to all my trumpets.
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    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
    C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength

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