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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet buying/Trying advice for an old amatuer in the General forums; I went to the NAMM show and played many and liked The Getzen 3003 Genesis the best with the Bach ...
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    Re: Trumpet buying/Trying advice for an old amatuer

    I went to the NAMM show and played many and liked The Getzen 3003 Genesis the best with the Bach NY 7 as my second favorite. I am also self taught but can read music as I took piano lessons for many years as a kid.
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    Re: Trumpet buying/Trying advice for an old amatuer

    It seems if the lost Selmer had back pressure, then the Callet Jazz, with it's big bore and openness is a quite different.

    To reproduce the tightness/back pressure, you need to look for a horn with more resistance or a mouthpiece which gives you that on the Callet. The Genesis mentioned above is not a "tight" horn by any means, although with one of the tighter leadpipes than the O or S which it comes with you may be able to get more resistance. With either the O or S pipe, my Genesis is an open blowing, dark sounding, fairly loose slotting horn.

    That is why I suggested trying smaller bores. Perhaps it would be helpful if we knew what model Selmer you had and what mouthpiece you play.
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    Re: Trumpet buying/Trying advice for an old amatuer

    From the kind of playing you describe and the instruments I've played, I'd choose a Kanstul Chicago. But that's just me. My friend, who is a jazz player, tried the Chicago and didn't like it at all. Go figure.
    I've also recently discovered Hammond Design mouthpieces work very well for me. But again, that's just me.

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    Re: Trumpet buying/Trying advice for an old amatuer

    There are alot of players who know about this than I do but I bet you should have some different size mouthpieces to try with the horns as well... I have never been able to switch up but I have seen players say this horn plays better with this mouthpiece..
    Does anyone have anything to add to this?

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