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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet and Clarinet together? in the General forums; A little reed playing doesn't hurt this bloke... Nice Soprano Sax from MF [ame=]YouTube - Maynard Fergsuson - "Hey Jude"[/ame]...
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    Re: Trumpet and Clarinet together?

    A little reed playing doesn't hurt this bloke...
    Nice Soprano Sax from MF

    [ame=]YouTube - Maynard Fergsuson - "Hey Jude"[/ame]

    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
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    Re: Trumpet and Clarinet together?

    Signs of the Apocalypse...Dogs and cats, living together...

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    Re: Trumpet and Clarinet together?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trumpet guy View Post
    Where do they branch apart? Trumpets and clarinets are together in Concert Band, Orchestra, it was one of the original jazz instruments along with trumpet. The only genres the clarinet can't follow the trumpet seem to be rock and ska.
    As far as trumpet and clarinet playing in unison, or, vocal, back and forth, it would go back to a time before we were born. Together, I mean as a duet.

    A typical BIG BAND will have a drummer, a bass, a singer or two (one male one female.) Five saxophones. Five Trumpets. and Five of our big brothers, the trombone.

    And, yes, from where you're talking, in genre, they branch apart abruptly, to where each have their own voice, alone, in turn, in a song to express separate emotionality, not togetherness.

    Listen, right now,I'm listening to "Unforgivable Blackness" by Wynton; there is much, much clarinet in it. it's great. It is also that roaring twenties/thirties sound, with piano, banjo, and I love it.
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