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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Which trumpet comes next? in the General forums; I was curious as to whether there is a certain order in which you should purchase trumpets. Usually the first ...
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    Which trumpet comes next?

    I was curious as to whether there is a certain order in which you should purchase trumpets. Usually the first trumpet is a Bb, then C?, then D?, Eb.....etc. I don't know if I'm asking correctly, but hopefully you get the idea.


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    Yee HAW!
    First I bought the first one.
    Then I bought the second one and sold the first one.
    Then I got a cornet that turned out to be a dog so the store refunded it and I bought a flugel.
    Then I bought another trumpet and gave the second one to my son.

    Oh yeah.. then I got a second cornet.
    Then I sold that cornet and bought a third one.
    Then I bought yet another trumpet and got rid of the third one of them.
    Then I won a trumpet but kept the fourth one anyway.
    Now I've got three trumpets, a cornet and a flugel horn; but one of the trumpets hardly counts because my son uses it.

    Yeah... that's how it goes!

    (Sorry to make fun of your post... it just seemed to be so obvious. Now I'll get out of the way and let someone give you a serious reply.)

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    My first non-Bb was a flugel. If I had gotten one of the smaller trumpets, it would have just sat in the case because at the time I was only doing concert band and jazz ensemble.


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    Thanks a lot Tootsall! :)

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    This has been discussed before and there wasn't a total agreement (why doesn't that surprise me??).

    It will all depend what sorts of playing you are intending to do and where you are based.
    I got a cornet second - at the time I was playing with a brass band. This was followed by a soprano cornet.
    After that came an Eb/D because I had started doing more orchestral work and found the to be very useful for what I was playing.

    A common second instrument seems to be a C trumpet (if you are in the States and college bound), but over here we are mostly Bb players (although that appears to be changing in some areas).

    I like the Eb/D as a second instrument - it is not as difficult to master as a piccolo (which is an instrument I think most players go onto too early) and is perfect for when you find yourself playing 3rd parts in Bach (where the notes lie too low for a piccolo and the sound of the C is not what is required). There is very little in the "starter" piccolo repertoire which can't be played very effectively on a D trumpet.

    If you are more jazz based, the flugel is probably a good second instrument.

    So, it all depends on what you are looking for

    Purely personally:
    (for orchestral)

    Soprano Cornet
    (if you do brass banding)

    (if you are jazz orientated)

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    My 10 cents:
    Picc(it is easier to make money with thus financing:)
    Flugel(even classically oriented players should have one!)
    The rest depends what you need to get the job done

    Anybody with the dream of becoming an orchestral player should get a C as soon as possible.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Maybe you should talk to your music director and section leader.

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    Monroe Ct.

    My first non B flat was a picc. It was a gift so I didn't choose it but maybe I would if I did it again and had to choose.

    If you want to be an orchestra player I would get a C next and practice transposing.

    The picc is hard to learn but it's a lot of fun to play and learn at the same time. Later in life you can always use the picc. and make money with and, still have fun playing even if you are just messin around and are not a pro.

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    this is the order but i am mostly doing orchestra and chamber music

    1. Bb trumpet
    2. C trumpet
    3. Piccolo
    4. Eb/D
    5. Cornet
    6. Trying to decide between rotary and flugel leaning towards the latter in ways and the former in ways

    jazz person

    1. Bb
    2. Flugelhorn
    3. piccolo
    then whatever
    Per aspera ad astra

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    Does anyone here dislike flugelhorns like I do? I have one and am forced to play it every so often but I just don't like them. I'm a trumpet player. I think Wynton once voiced similar opinions. To me it's not a real horn, like a valve trombone isn't a real in strument.

    Michael McLaughlin

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    Percy Bysshe Shelley
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