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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet/Cornet in the General forums; I would be extremely interested to see what trumpetmaster's cornet "King", Dave King has to say on this one. Come ...
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    Re: Trumpet/Cornet

    I would be extremely interested to see what trumpetmaster's cornet "King", Dave King has to say on this one. Come on Dave chip in. Apologies for the Sun style pun, i have been reading too many Iwan Fox reviews.



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    Re: Trumpet/Cornet

    The post from Bloomin Untidy musician (I love that name and can relate) is correct I play both trumpet and cornet. and you have to play both until you get the trumpet sound (or cornet as the case may be) in your head. the longer you play both the more difference you be able to hear. you have a cornet sound in your head. Soon you will have both. Listen to recordings of all kinds of trumpets players. This will help with your sound concepts. even better is to hear them play live. as for mpc what you have sound right. I play a bach 3C on both horns with identical cups, throats and backbores and the cornet sounds like a cornet and the trumpet sounds like a trumpet.

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    Re: Trumpet/Cornet

    I have to also agree with the points made about mouthpiece selection when moving from one to the other.

    I play both Trumpet and Cornet.

    In my community band when I am on my cornet I am using an antique thin rimmed deep v-cup mouthpiece. Helps fill the horn with air and get that nice round full sound that I associate with the cornet.

    When I witch to my Severinson, if it calls for a brighter, or higher range I use an Olds 3 mouthpice and switch my tuning slide from the .460 bore to the .458. When the piece calls for less of that lead sound/feel and more blending I will go to a Bach 5C and if necessary switch back to the .460 bore tuning slide.

    Lucklily in the community band we'll have about 1/3 of the selections written for Cornet and 2/3 for trumpet for any given concert, so I do get to practice on both and get comfortable with the change in sound, timbre, what have it.

    But that was not always the case. When I first started back on cornet and would switch to Trumpet I hadn't learned to make the other adjustments with my breathing, abdominal sitffness as one poster here meantioned, etc. I was dismayed at this thin reedy sound I was getting out of the trumpet. Plus I was overblowing in some cases. So long story short, it takes some time, practice and patience. Keep it up if you enjoy playing both types of instrument.

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