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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet duets in the General forums; Jay Arnold has a very good anthology (similar to the anthologies that he did of etudes) Bugs Bower Bop duets ...
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    Re: Trumpet duets

    Jay Arnold has a very good anthology (similar to the anthologies that he did of etudes)

    Bugs Bower Bop duets are kinda fun too and endurance builders

    The duets in the Rubank Advanced methods are variable some good some...

    Same with the Rubank Selected Duets both volumes
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    Re: Trumpet duets

    I'll second the Bop Duets and also mention the Bartok Duets that David Cooper has arranged.

    Bill Simenson

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    Re: Trumpet duets

    I'm performing the Vivaldi in August with a trumpet player that just moved into town. He studies with my trumpet teacher, has lined up an organist and asked me to play. I don't know if I'm playing 1st or 2nd. I might perform another trumpet concerto that day.

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    Re: Trumpet duets

    The Verne Reynolds Calls and Echoes is pretty awesome, but also rather wicked.

    There's also a new book - it's Telemann for Two Transposing Trumpeters (dig the alliteration.) They're Telemann duets that change transpositions midway through... REAL fun... some of them get REAL hard, too.

    Then ya know, standard fare.... amsden's, arban, etc.
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    Re: Trumpet duets

    If you really want to wreck your face those Bob Nelson duets are always a sure bet.

    Every time i play those I think. "Did whoever write these actually play trumpet?"

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    Re: Trumpet duets

    I'm fond of the Aaron Harris 30 Duets that are part of the Charles Colin complete Method series. They start off nicely, but get pretty twisted. Very musical.

    Michael McLaughlin
    Morelia MM

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    Re: Trumpet duets

    I'll 3rd the Bop Duets and throw in David Baker's :Cookin' Duets Vol. I & II! Both volumes are a good workout.........
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    Re: Trumpet duets

    Those "Companion" books done by Triplo Press... the Charlier Companion is a lot of fun!

    I think they have an Arbans Companion and a Small Companion as well
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    Re: Trumpet duets

    Dear Tom,

    I have written and published a volume of trumpet etudes and duets titled "Trumpet Outings: Studies and Duets for the Adventurous." They're published by Alafia Music Publishers, a small internet house run by Mark Fenderson of N. Texas State. I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy if you give me an address where it will reach you. These pieces are very eclectic, ranging from very contemporary free-form to more traditional legit styles to salsa to jazz. There's a Japanese-style duet, a Spanish-style duet, a John Williams-style duet, a Bartokian duet, and many more. Some of the studies pay homage to Hindemith, Kodaly and Richard Strauss (in F, of course, with all German markings!), and there's even one that describes the Kumba, a roller coaster at Busch Gardens. All are meant for advanced players looking for new fun stuff to play and perform on recitals. Please let me know if you'd like a copy. If anyone else is interested, you can order copies online at Home for $15.00. The volume contains 16 studies, 11 duets for 2trumpets, one duet for trumpet and trombone, and a fanfare for 3 trumpets that I wrote for Pope John Paul II's visit to Miami in 1987.
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    Re: Trumpet duets

    Bugs Bower bop duets!

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