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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet to French Horn in the General forums; I've run into a problem... My new band director would like for me to play french horn for this coming ...
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    Question Trumpet to French Horn

    I've run into a problem... My new band director would like for me to play french horn for this coming concert season... However, I love the trumpet, and I know how different it is playing a french horn... And I don't want to lose my "trumpetness." Also, it's my senior year in high school, and I'm the drum major for the marching band at my school, so I want to do what's best for the band, but I want to go big on my trumpet playing... So I agreed to it... Is their anything that I can do to not mess up my trumpet playing skills while playing the french horn?

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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    don't stop or reduce your trumpet practice.

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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    For you to "take one for the team" so to speak is very admirable. You said you know the difference in playing styles will be a challenge. Your band director must have known you are up to it. Playing the French Horn takes a lot of focus on targeting your note. The soft touch on your blow will be a challenge also. And the F side of the French Horn will take some concentration too. I have a French Horn I play occasionally and it is a different creature. There are people on this forum that play both successfully.. The concentration on your playing might make you a better trumpet player.
    Good Luck,

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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    After your horn experience you may come out being a great Flugel player.
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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    Just play the trumpet as much if not more than the trumpet. I played horn in a separate band class 2 years in high school I only experienced issues when I would change from horn>trumpet to quickly. But others on the site state that the issue goes away the more you get accustomed to the change. You will find yourself listening to pitches more carefully before you play which is a crucial skill for any wind player,
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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    If he takes his best trumpet player to move to horn then the result will be that now they will have a bad trumpet section AND a bad horn section.

    I'd say tell him to pound sand.

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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    Ask if you can play trumpet with your hand down the bell?

    What if you have a go at Tenor Horn - I'm guessing that you'll get the same effect as the F horn and the diffrence between Tenor and Trumpet is manageable. Or am I talking through my fundamental orifice again?

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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    French Horn?? Pffffffttt! I'd find another band.
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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    I was asked to do the same thing my first year in High School. I always enjoyed learing other instruments, so I agreed. Learning to play the horn well made me think more about my emboushure. Cannot say I liked it nearly as much as trumpet, but it sure made me practice more, if only to avoid embarassment at the start. My second year in High School I had improved so much that I was able to challenge for, and win, 2nd chair out of a very large and good trumpet section. By then we had some "real" horn players, so I escaped French Horn purgatory. I say do it

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    Re: Trumpet to French Horn

    I was in a slightly similar situation at the end of my HS senior year.

    I had been a first trumpet player from 7th to 12th grade and at the end of my HS year, my private teacher asked me about switching to horn. He was also the university band director and needed a first horn replacement. I gave it a try and enjoyed playing the horn at university. However at the end of my freshman year, I told him I was switching back to trumpet. I just couldn't stay away from big band. You have to be true to yourself.

    Ironically, I now play horn in a civic wind ensemble and also am trying to regain some trumpet chops. I don't have much of a problem playing trumpet after a couple of days of playing horn, but the reverse is not true and I tend to trash my horn playing if I'm not consistent with playing/practicing it.

    You can do both, you just have to have a workable and rational schedule of playing/practicing.
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