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Trumpet Discussion Discuss trumpet maintenance for beginners in the General forums; "scrub that leadpipe..." In fact, the bit of my Getzen which looks more weary is that leadpipe. For some reasons ...
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    Re: trumpet maintenance for beginners

    "scrub that leadpipe..."

    In fact, the bit of my Getzen which looks more weary is that leadpipe.
    For some reasons is the only one which has lost most of the laquer and it's a bit bumpy too.
    The loss of laquer is probably due to the handling of this cornet...

    I've got the coiled brush....time to use it!

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    Re: trumpet maintenance for beginners

    What is an acid cleaning? How much does it cost or can you do it yourself? How do you know if your trumpet needs one?

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    Re: trumpet maintenance for beginners

    Quote Originally Posted by xelaris View Post
    I've read some comments from a specialized site where they suggest not to clean the trumpet.
    All I do is oiling the valves every two sessions, wiping out old grease and then re-greasing the slides every week.
    Also, after a session, I take out all the slides and let them dry at room temperature for a few hours...then, I shake all bits to get rid of any remaining condensation.

    Am I doing it right?
    That is really dumb advice and only serves to keep the bacteria count in the horn high. Instruments are made out of metal and can and MUST be cleaned regularly to prevent corrosion and keep them mechanically sound. Any gunk in the leadpipe can wander to the valves and make them stick - most likely during a performance.

    Getting back to the metal part, if disassembled and cleaned with care, nothing can "wear" or "damage" the instrument. There is no precision alignment that can go out of whack (if the horn was built correctly).

    My take is to ignore the idiots that seek to add voodoo to the act of caring and feeding the musician. There are enough real issues when playing a trumpet. Keeping an eye on the BS is a very good way to avoid it!
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