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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet method books in the General forums; Please suggest me some good trumpet method books. I have Arban's and Clarke's so far....
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    Trumpet method books

    Please suggest me some good trumpet method books. I have Arban's and Clarke's so far.

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    Re: Trumpet method books

    You should try this one. I have done the Norwegian translation

    Perfecting Your Practice for Peak Performance
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    Re: Trumpet method books

    I have heard good things about the Irons. I am currently studying out of Schlossberg (spelling?), and the Brandt etudes in addition to Arban and Clarke.
    Cichowicz (spelling, again..) I have some work given to me from, by my teacher (she was a student of his). All excellent.
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    Re: Trumpet method books

    More than good trumpet method books you need a good plan for what you need to improve and want to achieve. That usually comes from a teacher, who chooses books accordingly.

    You can always go on and take a look at what is popular in the trumpet section.
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    Re: Trumpet method books

    You probably don't need anymore trumpet books (technically) but it is good to have a library of good choices. It is not the exercises in these books that is important. It is the approach to performing the exercises and what you are supposed to get out of them and learn from them. I would recommend a trumpet book that would pull together all these exercises into a logical plan and explain them and what you are supposed learn how to do from them.

    1. A comprehensive Practice Routine for the Aspiring Brass Player by Don E. Johnson.
    2. Brass Tactics by Chase Sanborn
    3. Daily Fundamentals for the Trumpet by Micheal Sachs.

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    Re: Trumpet method books

    Colin Advanced Lip Flexibilities
    Charlier Etudes
    Concone Lyrical Studies
    Voxman Duets, get both of them. Mostly so you don't suck when you end up playing them with someone else at a trumpet hang, like I did! LOL!
    Maybe a good scale & scale patterns book. Arban is not so comprehensive with scale exercises, but has 300 pages on turns & grace notes !@

    Those plus Arban & Clarke will take you a long ways...
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    Re: Trumpet method books

    I like the Bosquet Etudes. Nobody seems to talk about them, but I think they are challenging and very beneficial to practice. You can get them by themselves, and I also have a copy of the Saint Jacome that has the Bosquet included.


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    Re: Trumpet method books

    With the right teacher and right learning environment, then and only then would I imagine Arban, Schlossberg and Clarke could easily be part of the discussion.
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