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People are always asking about trumpet mics, so I made a trumpet mic demo. ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Music and Trumpet Stuff:::
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Trumpet Mic Demo

This is a demonstration of two inexpensive high quality recording microphones that work well for trumpet, flugelhorn, and muted trumpet.

The mics are the <Eletro-Voice RE20> RE20 - Electrovoice , a dynamic mic and the <CAD Trion-7000> CAD Professional Microphones

I purchased the RE20 for $400 from Sweetwater Music and the Trion 7000 from ZSounds for $259.

My playing and tone are far from perfect here, but that may actually give us a better perspective on how a mic records the horn. It does seem that the RE20 seems to pick up the tonal imperfections better (which is a BAD thing). This is especially true on the second set of takes where I play louder and brassier. The RE20 sounds almost brittle here, while the Trion 7000 retains the warmth.

Overall, I think the Trion 7000 does a better job, with the exception of the Harmon track.

I liked the way the RE20 picked up the buzz of the Harmon. Conversely, that’s what I didn’t like about it on the other tracks. The Trion 7000 picks up a lot more color and less of the “dirt” that sometimes exists in trumpet tone, especially at high volumes.

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The demo is here ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Music and Trumpet Stuff:::