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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet model in the General forums; I agree, one is never ashamed during self study - you can get away with putting it off until tomorrow. ...
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    Re: Trumpet model

    I agree,
    one is never ashamed during self study - you can get away with putting it off until tomorrow.
    Wasting a pro teachers time can take a toll on your self esteem!
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    Re: Trumpet model

    Rowuk, you speak of using different mp's for different jobs. Are you speaking of cups & backbores changing and rim sizes remaining the same? I ask because I have switched to a rim that has more bite(?) and is more narrow than the original mp I learned on. When I go back and play on the wider rim mp, it is difficult. Am I hurting my comeback by doing this? Should I sit tight on one mp until my chops return? Because the rim is wider on the old mp, the set(?) is obviously different on my lips, how does that effect my embouchure as I attempt to regain one?....chuck
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    Re: Trumpet model

    Well it depends how you are approaching the mouthpiece you cant just grab one mouthpiece and then later on the day play on the other one. I own a variety of mouthpieces and the two I've used the most have been a 3C Bach mouthpiece and a Marcinkiewicz Bobby shew 1 cuz I did a little bit of lead playing in Jazz Band and marching band. The way I do my usual routine is warm up in the mornings with my bach 3C cuz I tend to do alot of leget playing in the mornings and of course I rest as much as I practice and when its almost time for me to play lead in a big band I tend to warm up in my shallow mouthpiece for 5 to 10 minutes then put on the horn and do some exercises on the trumpet and Im set to go. Now here's the interesting part when Im done playing with my lead mouthpiece I warm down on my deep mouthpiece nice and easy and I rest for a while and later on in the evening I might practice a solo or etude on my regular mouthpiece. The thing with mouthpieces you gotta find what you want and tend to stick with it alot cuz switching too much without establishing something that your chops are used to is not good, so I hope you can establish something without hurting your embouchure.

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