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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Names in the General forums; My daughter is home from school with some time on her hands and betwenn graduate classes. She wants to know ...
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    Trumpet Names

    My daughter is home from school with some time on her hands and betwenn graduate classes. She wants to know if any of my trumpet geek friends name their horns the way we sometimes name our cars. I have a Hyundai Sonata that she named Moonlight. Get it?
    So I've never named any of my horns. What about the rest of you?
    P.S. I told her to go get a job!
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    Re: Trumpet Names

    I've never named any of my horns, but I have a friend who plays viola and she named hers, maybe like Steve or something, so she'd always confuse people by saying she was going to play with steve
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    Re: Trumpet Names

    Quote Originally Posted by Schwab View Post
    Depending on how I'm playing at the moment, I have names for my horns. I can't say them in public!
    I love it when I am thinking about saying something and scroll to the bottom of the page and someone has said it. I second schwab!
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    Re: Trumpet Names

    My first comeback trumpet I named Justin Time. Not original, but apt.
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    Re: Trumpet Names

    In high school, when I first got my silver Strad, i named her Sexy. All the others had cheap student horns, and I had the only silver one. So, of course, mine was the sexiest. :) not too cleaver, i know, but it started as just kind of a joke, and now everyone I went to school with to this day refers to my horn as 'Sexy'.


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    Re: Trumpet Names

    Mine is a big apple special edition so sometimes I call it Eve.

    However, my girlfriend doesnt like that to much.
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    Re: Trumpet Names

    My friend calls his horn "Heinrich" hehe

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    Re: Trumpet Names

    I haven't named any trumpets, but I trumpet my name!

    A former colleague of mine had a Corno da Caccia made and attached his name to it: the _______ ______ Model .

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    Re: Trumpet Names

    I didn't name my horns but I named my music stand, Sh#t.

    Whenever I miss an accidental or key signature change I admonish, Sh#t.
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    Re: Trumpet Names

    Quote Originally Posted by stchasking View Post
    I didn't name my horns but I named my music stand, Sh#t.

    Whenever I miss an accidental or key signature change I admonish, Sh#t.

    I am nastier than you. When I pull a trick like that I look at the trumpet player sitting next to me with a sour expression on my face. Works every time.

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