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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet player sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY in the General forums; John W. McGrath, Director / Producer announces the following performance opportunity: As a result of a substantial and quite successful ...
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    Trumpet player sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    John W. McGrath, Director / Producer announces the following performance opportunity:

    As a result of a substantial and quite successful long term expansion, we
    are seeking a multi-faceted individual experienced in a wide variety of
    diverse musical genres, ranging from the late 1950's to the early 1960's, to
    the most prolific patriotic (not political) and traditional pieces. We are
    looking for someone who shines on stage and exhibits extraordinary musical
    charisma. A professional who exudes professionalism in all aspects, who
    loves entertaining people, and having a ball at the same time.

    With bookings from Broadway to Washington DC, and more than a dozen acts,
    along with two others currently in development, these on-stage
    professional acts are well-known, and have been performing for 24
    years at the finest hotels and venues. This is a unique opportunity like no
    other, offering ongoing work throughout the year. A great deal of the work
    falls on days and times unlikely to conflict with other performance work you
    may have. The vast majority of performances are scheduled with great advance notice. This is an opportunity to add significant work to what you already have, whereas everyone else wants you at the exact same time.

    * South Jersey on Monday afternoons. (1-1/2 miles off Exit 5 of Jersey Tpke.)
    * The frequency of rehearsal is directly dependent upon upcoming scheduled performances.

    * Long term performance work with excellent compensation.
    * Performances in Philadelphia, NY (Broadway), Baltimore, & Washington DC.
    * Average audience size 2,000 - 3,000+, composed of high end professional organizations spanning the globe.

    * Strong, professional caliber trumpet player.
    * Excellent reading and memorization capacity a must.
    * Dance, marching or extensive performance background a prerequisite.

    * Must have flexible schedule with advance notice.
    * Must have a reliable vehicle.
    * References required upon request.

    NOTE #1: This is an immediate opportunity and perspective candidates should respond promptly. Please respond via email:[email protected] Viable candidates will be contacted to schedule a phone interview. Thank you.

    NOTE #2: Please do not respond on this forum or site. We simply do not have the time to monitor this site and appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

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    Re: Trumpet player sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    This is a solicitation for The Alexandria Royal Fyfes, Drums & Trumpets. I found more info at the following link: The Alexandria Royal Fyfes, Drums & Trumpets / The Neighborhoods of New York, including photos of members in costume and a description of their entertainment concept.

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    Re: Trumpet player sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    With no intent of offending anyone, unfortunately having only the smallest slice of information can often lead someone to draw a conclusion that is incorrect, and thus say or post misinformation even with the best of intentions. As well it can also potentially cause a candidate to miss out on a very good work opportunity. Such is the case at hand with the posting by "Fudleysmith" in response to our "job" posting, which is why I am posting this.

    The information that "Fudleysmith" somehow came across is but one act that was produced recently, and does not even begin to present the scope of our acts and productions, and thus offers an extremely inaccurate view of what we do. The fact is we produce more than a dozen different professional acts including a 1950's / 1960's act, and many others that look nothing like each other, as well as custom acts created constantly that look nothing like the single act that "Fudleysmith" came across. Our acts, productions and shows are custom produced for our clients specifically to their needs, the requirements of their specific event at a specific point in time, and a variety of other factors. What an act looks and sounds like one day is totally different tomorrow than it was yesterday. The instrumentation, costuming, nature, and content for one act has nothing to do with the instrumentation, costuming, nature, and content for the next act. As well the name of each act is different per each custom production, as each is a specific creation for a specific client. Thus "Fudleysmith's" posting stating that this is "a solicitation" for this specific act is completely misleading, and I have written to "Fudleysmith" asking that it be removed for this reason. To the date of this posting "Fudleysmith" has not responded which is why I am now posting this. To be fair to "Fudleysmith" I don't believe "Fudleysmith" has been online to receive my request since I sent it, but too much time has transpired to continue to let things sit as they are.

    I want to be very clear that my request to "Fudleysmith" to remove his/her posting, as it is in fact seriously misleading and inaccurate, is not meant to suggest that is was "Fudleysmith's" intent to mislead or provide inaccurate information, but rather it is simply the resulting effect of "Fudleysmith's" posting.

    Very simply put, we have an opening for a professional well qualified trumpet player, and we are seeking to offer a very good work opportunity for a deserving player to work in a massive and unlimited variety of acts and productions. Though the written language is not my greatest strength, (hey we all have things we're really good at, and things we're not the greatest at), the utilization of the word "solicitation" by "Fudleysmith" to describe our job posting seems to be rather inaccurate, perhaps harsh, and just wrong. Our original job posting is exactly that, a "job" posting. We had inquired with the administrator of this site, before posting it, as to how to place a posting in the "jobs" forum, and we received a response from the administrator saying the "jobs" forum no longer exists, and to place the "job" posting in the trumpet discussions section. It was never our intent to have or be involved in back and forth discussions.

    As was stated in the original posting, we simply do not have the time to be monitoring this site and entering into discussion back and forth online. We are just too busy finding and creating work for trumpet players. If you are interested in applying for the position please contact me directly, and I will be happy to consider you, and discuss and answer your questions in your interview.

    Finally, in today's world with websites that offer the ability to seemingly post at will, any piece of information, statement, opinion, etc., seemingly without consequence or responsibility, simply is false. Incorrect, inaccurate information, misinformed and derived opinions, have very real consequences. As this is the case, great caution and respect should always be used before posting anything, and as stated in the beginning of this posting, with only a small piece of information at hand, the potential for an inaccurate and damaging posting is very high.

    It is my hope that this posting offers some clarification, and I wish all of you the best of luck in finding performance work.


    John W. McGrath, Director / Producer

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    Re: Trumpet player sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    Mr. John W. McGrath, Director / Producer

    You should have handled this by private message or by contacting the administrator. Just like I should have done the same with you.
    "I was performing professionally at age 17 and have never had a real job." Allen Vizzutti

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