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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Player Sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY in the General forums; John W. McGrath, Director / Producer announces the following performance opportunity: __________________________________________________ __________________________________ We had posted this opportunity a few ...
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    Trumpet Player Sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    John W. McGrath, Director / Producer announces the following performance opportunity:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    We had posted this opportunity a few weeks ago, put someone in place and thought we were all set. Well someone is moving out of state and so it opens up the opportunity for another good quality trumpet player.

    One additional note: There have been postings here from time to time in response to this posting that often just leaves us shaking our head at the level of conjecture and misinformation. If you are interested, contact us directly, and we'll be happy to talk with you, give you accurate information, and then we can move forward from there. Don't let someone else that doesn't know, or is trying to grind an ax for their own self-interest deter you. If you are good, professional, reliable, and want to work, contact us.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    As a result of a substantial and quite successful long term expansion, we are seeking a multi-faceted individual experienced in a wide variety of diverse musical genres, ranging from the late 1950's to the early 1960's, to the most prolific patriotic (not political) and traditional pieces. We are looking for someone who shines on stage and exhibits extraordinary musical charisma. A professional who exudes professionalism in all aspects, who loves entertaining people, and having a ball at the same time.

    With bookings from Broadway to Washington DC, and more than a dozen acts, along with two others currently in development, these on-stage professional acts are well-known, and have been performing for 24 years at the finest hotels and venues. This is a unique opportunity like no other, offering ongoing work throughout the year. A great deal of the work falls on days and times unlikely to conflict with other performance work you may have. The vast majority of performances are scheduled with great advance notice. This is an opportunity to add significant work to what you already have, whereas everyone else wants you at the exact same time.

    * South Jersey on Monday afternoons. (1-1/2 miles off Exit 5 of Jersey Tpke.)
    * The frequency of rehearsal is directly dependent upon upcoming scheduled performances.

    * Long term performance work with excellent compensation.
    * Performances in Philadelphia, NY (Broadway), Baltimore, & Washington DC.
    * Average audience size 2,000 - 3,000+, composed of high end professional organizations spanning the globe.

    * Strong, professional caliber trumpet player.
    * Excellent reading and memorization capacity a must.
    * Dance, marching or extensive performance background a prerequisite.

    * Must have flexible schedule with advance notice.
    * Must have a reliable vehicle.
    * References required upon request.

    NOTE #1: This is an immediate opportunity and prospective candidates should respond promptly. Please respond via email:[email protected] Viable candidates will be contacted to schedule a phone interview. Thank you.

    NOTE #2: Please do not respond on this forum or site. We simply do not have the time to monitor this site and appreciate your understanding. Thank you.
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    Re: Trumpet Player Sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    This gig in nothing more than a glorified marching band. Not that there's anything wrong with marching bands (if that's what you dig), but don't think it's anything more.

    I could never get any direct answers as to what it pays. Nor could I get any idea of what the performance schedule was like. And I had to call the guy at 2 AM, because that was the only time in the day when he could talk.

    I know in Latin it's "Caveat Emptor," I don't know what it'd be for musicians except "Get a contract."
    BTW, contact me for "The Best Damn Trumpet Lead Pipe Swab Period! - you won't be disappointed! (Proudly made entirely in the USA....Brooklyn and Exit 15W, to be precise).

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    Re: Trumpet Player Sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    Hasn't this guy been posting this message evrywhere for the past 2 years? What is the problem that he can't keep anyone in the band?

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    Re: Trumpet Player Sought: NJ / Philadelphia / NY

    I don't think much of the advertisement either. I wanted to flame it when it was first posted. I held back. There is nothing in this ad but hoopla.
    "I was performing professionally at age 17 and have never had a real job." Allen Vizzutti

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