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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet playing = R.I.P. in the General forums; Doc Cheatam was recording when he was something like 91. It mustn't be that bad for you....
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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    Doc Cheatam was recording when he was something like 91. It mustn't be that bad for you.

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brekelefuw View Post
    Doc Cheatam was recording when he was something like 91. It mustn't be that bad for you.
    He's an exception because he is a Doctor!!

    ohhhh... I kill me... lmao....
    "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." ~A. Einstein

    Check out my boy Mark Ingraham...

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    Yes indeed!!! It'll kill you!! whatever you do, sell the trumpet you have and take up a safe instrument like clarinet or flute. In fact, The Surgeon General now requires all trumpets sold after 2009 to have a bright warning label affixed to the inner part of the bell attesting to this. Trumpet playing is the number 3 killer worldwide surpassed only by cigarette smoking and tiger wrestling. I think in some countries you have to be 18 to even own a trumpet.
    That was a great question and hopefully I've answered it before you did real damage to every internal organ.
    Just hang in there. With therapy and proper guidance you'll make a fine clarinetist. Good luck and for god's sake be safe and when someone offers you a trumpet, just say NO!!
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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    It won't kill you.......but it will surely make you crazy......
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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    Look at Humphrey Littleton i think he was blowing into his 80s, and so was Kenny Baker. I accompanied Kenny in a Big Band when he was in his late 70s.Even then he was whacking out top Es like he did in the early Bond Movies. Fantastic player!

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    You know, I read that the air that keeps us alive also kills us. It's oxidizing us little by little. That's why we age. And I agree with Tedh1951 on this one. Enjoy!
    Matt Funamura
    '09 Calicchio R37
    '96 Calicchio 1s3ML
    '05 Yamaha YFH 6310z Flugelhorn
    '60s Holton Super Collegiate Cornet

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    Last edited by Don Christensen; 01-22-2009 at 05:47 PM.

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    I read somewhere that smoking was bad for your I stopped smoking

    Then, I read somewhere that drinking was bad for your I stopped drinking

    Then, I read somewhere that sex was bad for your health.... I stopped reading!

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    oohhh noooo

    Instead of a rant about posting stupid, unresearched things here, I will just say, we should not believe everything we read and please turn our brains on before posting just anything, regardless how ridiculous.

    You can die when drinking a glass of water or tripping and falling down the stairs. The trumpet is an inert piece of metal. The rest is in your head and a no brainer for those that qualify
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Trumpet playing = R.I.P.

    Hey Robin, don't be a bad guy.
    Most of this stupid studies are signed by emminent doctors who want not to see their daughters in love with some trumpeter.
    Anyway, nobody asked for my qualifications before joining this forum.
    Don't be serious all the time.
    Chat sometimes is funny and a breeze to our stressed brains.
    Hope all is well for you. I've seen some of your posts being a little stressed. May you need some holidays ???
    F. Pérez
    Historical Brass Instruments
    Super-Horns & Custom Trumpets

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