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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet recordings - must haves in the General forums; I've seen many lists of trumpet recording - must haves for jazz, but wondered if I could get some help ...
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    Trumpet recordings - must haves

    I've seen many lists of trumpet recording - must haves for jazz, but wondered if I could get some help in compiling up with a list of must haves for classical (general term) trumpet. I'm leaning more toward the solo side, but if you think there are some ensemble and orchestral parts that should be included, then fire away! Please, not OOP recordings. I'd actually like to be able to get them! :)

    Thanks for the advise in advance,


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    I don't know what you all think, but I was told (to help start this discussion) :) that anything by Maurice Andre is a must. I'm sure Ed has CD's out which would be a good part of a collection. Does Manny have CD's? Anyway, you help would be appreciated.



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    My absolute favorite André collection is "Maurice André Joué Bach". It's absolutely some of the most beautiful trumpet playing I've heard on piccolo or otherwise. I prefer his version of Bach's 2nd suite for flute and orchestra to any I've heard with flute!

    I've never heard better trumpet playing than what's on that collection.


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    Miles Davis, "Kind Of Blue"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxytrpt View Post
    Miles Davis, "Kind Of Blue"
    that's what I was going to say...

    also, if you're thinking about orchestral trumpet playing, check out the CSO playing Respighi and Debussy with Rheiner... Pines, Fountains and La Mer on one CD, all incredible.


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    I like the discs I have of the CSO playing Mahler.
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    There's a CD of Maurice Andre on I believe Phillips; it's a budget priced double CD set with all the usual suspects, Haydn, Hummel, Leopold Mozart, Michael Haydn, etc. Beautiful playing on everything. To me, in the "classical" world there is just not anyone more beautiful than Andre.
    I have to say I really like Wynton Marsalis's classical recordings too, there are many in print.

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    I'll add a few more; any recordings by Timofei Dokshizer, Hans Gansch, Hakan Hardenberger
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    Bach 1.5C

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    Philip Smith - New York Legends

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    Tutti's Trumpets
    Chet Baker's -- Chet
    Clifford Brown -- The Definative Clifford Brown
    Miles Davis -- Kind of Blue -- Sketches of Spain
    Roy Hargrove -- Moment to Moment
    Blue Mitchell -- Stablemates
    Billy May -- Big Fat Brass

    Tell me when to stop...there's so much good stuff it's hard to know when to stop.

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