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    Trumpet Shops in Atlanta?

    Any recommendations for a good trumpet shop in the Atlanta area?

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    Re: Trumpet Shops in Atlanta?

    how about a good shop in Montgomery, AL? I would recommend Capitol Music owned by Jim Darby. He has a super large collection of horns in his store and you're able to try them out there. He played with Holiday on Ice in the 40s and often will join you in playing the horns, he has an old Conn mpc he carries in his pocket. He's a gem of a guy and it's well worth the drive.

    Best wishes!!

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    Re: Trumpet Shops in Atlanta?

    Carere Music, just north of the perimeter, is pretty good. Not a huge store, but a decent selection. And nice and helpful people!


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    Re: Trumpet Shops in Atlanta?

    If you are looking for repair, service, or restoration, try Rich Ita in Marietta, GA. He's one of the best in the country. Contact information is on his website BIW, Inc. He usually has a fair number of used horns for sale too.

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