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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Stands in the General forums; I was wondering what anyone thinks the best trumpet stand is.I use the kind that screws out like a spider ...
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    Trumpet Stands

    I was wondering what anyone thinks the best trumpet stand is.I use the kind that screws out like a spider and is basically on the floor. But I am looking at a new hercules one that seems a bit more "bell friendly. Any comments?
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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    The Hercules are real nice - but not as convenient as the spider types.... I'd leave the hercules @ home in the practice room, and take the spider stands to gigs. Unless I had a gig where I'm switching horns a lot (quintet) then I would leave the Herc @home. They're both great - never had a problem with either.
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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    Like everything else, there is no BEST anything. The active player needs various stands, a light one for travel, a sturdy heavier one for home and concerts. Maybe some need one that fits in a trumpet backpack or case to keep from dragging a lot of stuff extra.

    Only you can figure out what your needs are. Write them down, then picking something to fit those needs is pretty easy!
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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    I've used a Hamilton floor stand for over 40 years and found them to be stable and not too hard on the bell and easy to hit when you are changing horns. I have been looking for a bell type for some time, but haven't found a price to my likeing yet.
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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    Konig and Meyer 5 Leg Trumpet Stand - LOW PRICES at WWBW

    This one might fit your criteria...

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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    I have a K+M quad stand that I've been using for about 8 years, and I love it. You can put 1-4 pegs on it, and change pegs depending on which horns you are using. On jazz gigs I usually have a trumet and flugel, and have used it for picc, C and Eb for orchestra and quintet gigs. I've even used it with one peg when I've forgotten my 5 leg - very veristile! Mine has plastic pegs - one of my bands bought the wooden version. I prefer the plastic - pegs can store in the bells, and the wooden pegs tend to beat up the bells too much.
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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    I have had this Hamilton stand since 1884 and it is the most sturdy stand I have ever seen. It folds and slides in like a heavy duty camera tripod and I think it is the best if they still sell it. It takes a beating and does not tip even with a heavy weight Bach. Sturdy is much more important than portable to protect your most valuable investment. Consider this; microphone wires WILL get snagged on your stand and if you are using one of those cute light stands your horn is going for a long expensive ride.

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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    Quote Originally Posted by soundgrazer View Post
    I have had this Hamilton stand since 1884 ....
    Wow! That's a testament to Hamilton's build quality, and your longevity

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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    i've been using the "not so portable" hercules for about a year now. it's definitely a quality built stand and is extremely sturdy, but it's a bit cumbersome when you want to take it places. i almost bought the in bell portable hercules today, but held off... it was either a new mouthpiece today or a new stand. mouthpiece won.
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    Re: Trumpet Stands

    Before the in the bell stands I used the Hamilton stands which I still have from 1975. I carried one each for trumpet, flugel and valvebone and they were heavy. I now use the K & M stands since 1985 (same ones) and love the inthe bell storage. never had a problem.
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