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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Stiff Lips in the General forums; Originally Posted by lovevixen555 What mouth piece are you useing??? Have you consistently gone with a larger mouth piece year ...
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    Re: Trumpet Stiff Lips

    Quote Originally Posted by lovevixen555 View Post
    What mouth piece are you useing??? Have you consistently gone with a larger mouth piece year after year? I ask because a lot of trumpet player's use too small of a mouth piece so they can hit high inthe register and they never move on up. In the long run their muscles suffer and it show's when you try to move on to the next level.

    Heck it took me a few weeks to find a mouth piece that worked for my son as a brand new trumpet player. IT was not easy because he does not have the vocab to speak intelligently on this issue at the age of 10 and being new to brass instruments! I have already mapped out the next three mouth pieces he will be useing. Obviously I am waiting until summer to make the change but you see my point. Really by High School you should be able to play everything from a 7C to a 1C with 5C,3C and 1 1/2 C being regular friends that get used often and the occassional Schilke 14A4a used when needed. Right now Kelly mouth pieces is haveing a sale on a nasty Yellow called Mellow Yellow. They will sell you any three of their mouth pieces in that color for $33 which is $11 each. So if you do not have a 3C5C and 1 1/2 C you might give them a call and place an order.

    You would not believe how many H.S. trumpet player's are still playing their 7C that came with their trumpet. That is old school thinking today you want to keep moveing up and building the chop's for full brilliant sound you can always slap a small screamer on the trumpet when you need it.

    I have even contacted pickettbrass to see if they can modify some standard mouth pieces for us. My son is useing my Reynolds 7A and it has a very flat rim design. I would like to have them copy that rim design over to some bach's and yamaha mouth pieces. It is darn hard to find flat rimmed mouth pieces almost all of them copy Bach which is at best semi-flat but that is not how I would describe them.
    I disagree with your comment regarding H.S trumpet players still playing their 7C and it being old school thinking. I played professionally in orchestras on a 7C and no one ever complained my sound wasn't full or broad enough. Some legendary trumpet players eg. Bud Herseth played on 7C's. Rafael Mendez played on very small mouthpieces if my memory serves me correctly. I think the trap is to feel you need to move up to something larger using the bigger is better principle, but I agree with your point about a young player moving onto a small lead piece and not maintaining practice on a more regular size mouthpiece being a mistake.
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    Re: Trumpet Stiff Lips

    I have to agree with Tuneful... mouthpiece choice should be based on what works for you as a player not on the bases of what "society" thinks. I also believe that changing mouthpieces should be reserved for when you are in the hands of a capable instructor and have developed the necessary skills and maturity to realize a mouthpiece change is not an instant fix for range, articulation or anything else technical. Mouthpiece changes should be had to change your sound or comfort.

    Xelex- it sounds like you are on the road to recovery. Keep us up to date.
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    Re: Trumpet Stiff Lips

    Hehe, so I played today....
    I did some long tones on very low notes, then just to make sure my chops weren't dead, I played a jazz lick (F#, G, G A C D [ all eighth notes ]) and got a real fat high D at the end.
    However, after sitting through concert band, I noticed my endurance is a tad low... Even with notes like F and G on top of the staff, which I'm sure is a sign of a little weakness. Granted nothing stings, I think I'll hold back some more.
    And for that reason, since I'm on break, I'm going to not play until Friday, then do some more long tones, and then slowly work the routine back up.
    Thanks for all the advice though, guys, it's really helped a lot.
    I'll try the relaxation method too, because I do have a thing with being too tense when I play.

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