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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression. in the General forums; Hi All, It is a while since I have dropped in to say “Hi”. Since the launching of the site, ...
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    Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Hi All,

    It is a while since I have dropped in to say “Hi”. Since the launching of the site, things have gone a little crazy.

    I have been more than a little disturbed at the amount of anxiety, almost depression, experienced by several players. Some of the emails I have received express feelings of utter rejection after a bad playing experience.

    I have put some ideas about a positive approach to practise and performance in this video

    There is probably a stack of new stuff on the site since you last visited and I have uploaded the 5 basic videos again at a higher quality, so come and check it out.

    You might be interested in some reviews by people such as Rob Sims, ex Melbourne Symphony player and Jim Manley trumpet Monster!

    Please subscribe to the youtube channel if you are interested in the free lessons or other videos.

    I am in the middle of season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars" at the moment but I am trying desperately to get more stuff up on the site.


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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    wonderful resource so I made it sticky
    Thanks Greg.
    What I didn't find were dancing lessons. 11 seasons of DWTS - you must have some tips for players with two left legs....
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Firstly, the reason that we are in season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars" is because it has rated really well. If I were to step foot on the dance floor, people would be in two minds about what to grab first, the remote or the bucket and the ratings would plummet probably as quickly as I would!!!

    Thanks for promoting this thread about a real important issue! I have had an incredible time this year meeting players of all standards from across the planet. The downside has been the surprising amount of people who have already or are about to throw their arms (or trumpet) up in the air in sheer frustration, feeling like they are getting nowhere, no matter what and how much they practise.

    Hopefully this video will help reprogram that mindset and add a bit of positive direction and structure.

    Best Wishes from Melbourne Australia
    Greg Spence

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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Hi Greg,
    At last you're on this site!
    The Videos are so very helpful, and the thinking, ideas and explanations are clear.

    A fantastic aid to me.
    Thanks & Cheers

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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Thanks Greg! I spent some time with the videos this morning and feel really inspired. I also enjoyed the new vocabulary. It's been a bit of a rough go lately, your vids really hit the spot and made me feel better. Well done!

    Trumpets are for extroverts - Lee Morgan

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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    I'll have to check out the link and vids when I get home, but I can certainly relate to the subject matter. I totally bombed an audition that was fairly important to me and I came away from that experience totally shell-shocked, and questioning my continued involvement with the trumpet. The issue wasn't that I didn't win the slot - I knew it was going to be a tough row to hoe no matter what. The issue was that I didn't even come close to playing up to my potential. At the time I was playing much better than what I offered to the auditioners that day, but I crashed and burned due to not being able to get a handle on my nerves.

    I think it was good that I already had a regular gig that I was playing, and it forced me to get back in the saddle and re-engage, otherwise it's very possible that I might have stopped playing due to that experience.
    Patrick Gleason

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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Hi guys, thanks for taking the time out to watch the videos, I'm pleased they are of use.

    Patrick, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger my friend!!! These experiences are all part of the bigger picture and next time around it won't be as traumatic. I must ask: "Do you know what you want and how badly do you want it?".

    There is a great saying that I try to live by, "Obstacles are what appear when you take your eye off the goal". In other words, even if you don't take the direct path to your destination, you will get there if you really want to...and trust me, a scenic drive on a dusty track can be far more fulfilling than sitting on the freeway. (Sorry about my philosophical rant!)

    Check out this video on performance anxiety, it may help.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Performance Anxiety 10/06/11 - Free Online Video Trumpet Lesson‬‏[/ame]

    All the best and stick with it.
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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Thanks Greg, I really enjoyed the video. I've been on a trumpet "high" if you would in the past couple months with the removal of braces and this awesome rush of continuous improvement and playing with a standard that is at a totally different level than before. I feel like the sky is the limit and that my practice techniques are very good. I feel also that I have a good way of putting everything in perspective -- I did, however, struggle with nerves at an all-state audition late April. Played the Hindemith disconnected with the emotion of the piece mid mvt 3 and just felt terrible. Started trembling -- tried to cover up the shaking with vibrato -- failed...but I got my sound decently together and finished decently on the outside but uncomfortable and tense on the inside. I feel like if it wasn't for the good impression left on the judges and my perfect score I would've lost my good state-of-mind, confidence, work ethic, everything. ..I would've ended up in that gloomy and depressing world of being a frustrated trumpet player. So I'm gonna re-evaluate myself tomorrow with the thoughts had...I'm going to try and rememeber that note thing too. Playing it in my head I feel like writing down "I am nervous about this audition" will for some reason help me get things together in my head. -- very interesting/simple haha.


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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.


    I have watched your videos and have gotten a great deal from them. They are a great service to the trumpet community. I can identify with this particular one, too.

    Best Wishes,


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    Re: Trumpet Traps... Frustration and Depression.

    Thanks for this Greg! Liked hearing the mention of Rob Sims - he was one of my teachers, and possibly the best human being I know! :)
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