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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpet Wife in the General forums; Gary, So sorry to hear about such a hard decision. I'm certain things will work out for the best. Mi ...
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    Re: Trumpet Wife


    So sorry to hear about such a hard decision. I'm certain things will work out for the best. Mi casa, su casa.

    20/400 Please excuse the typos.
    Practice moderation and one will be more than moderately rewarded.

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    Re: Trumpet Wife


    Please add my best wishes and prayers for both of you. Happier days are coming...

    My wonderful wife of 28 years has always been supportive of my playing. When the kids came along, I spent my time coaching baseball, soccer, attending school functions and helping them with their (sadly) short-lived piano experiences. My playing consisted mainly of Wednesday orchestra rehearsals and playing church services on Sunday. I was able to get by with virtually no other practice. Once the kids went off to college, I've been able to get back into a real practice routine, and with my wife's full support recently joined another band. I do most of my practicing while she's at work. I have my own business so I can start early and work late, to get a couple of hours of practice in during the workday. On weekends she lets me practice - and even doesn't complain about my Cat Anderson routines!! She's truly a blessing!!

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    Re: Trumpet Wife

    No complaints from Mrs Seth so long as I throw in a couple of Abba tunes now and then.

    But she is a master of the backhanded compliment. After listening to one of my compositions the other day, her verdict was "It sounds like Mozart. Your mother would like it." Priceless!
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    Re: Trumpet Wife

    Quote Originally Posted by Rapier View Post
    When I first started to learn I had to practice in the car, in the garage, at the bottom of the garden.
    Wow a garage at the bottom of a garden sound very appealing, especially if you are growing wacky weed in that garden!
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    Re: Trumpet Wife

    The only time my wife doesn't make sounds of approval is when I try to screech. Not a worry, really!

    Sorry to hear of your split, Gary. When I did that from my first wife, it was me and the trumpet in the pickup truck. Never suppress your musical drive.

    We just moved and have a guest room!

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    Re: Trumpet Wife

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    Wow a garage at the bottom of a garden sound very appealing, especially if you are growing wacky weed in that garden!
    Manhattan Transfer has a comment they'd like to share.
    You can't blow it if you haven't lived it.

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    Re: Trumpet Wife

    Hard news, Gary. I wish you the resilience it takes to get through this. I always say "Things happen for a reason." Believe it and you'll be OK.
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