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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpeter John Dover launches "Musical Feat" campaign in the General forums; Combining art with athleticism, trumpet player John Dover is creating a positive impact on the community with his “Musical Feat” ...
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    Trumpeter John Dover launches "Musical Feat" campaign

    Combining art with athleticism, trumpet player John Dover is creating a positive impact on the community with his “Musical Feat” campaign.
    Portland, OR. – April /John D Music// Trumpet player John Dover is has created the 'Musical Feat” campaign, his most recent charitable endeavor. “Musical Feat” will provide running shoes to youth programs in the Portland-Metro area while simultaneously finalizing the funding for John to record, market, and release his solo album, titled “Echos of Influence,” by the end of 2009. The “Musical Feat” campaign will allot $25 from every $100 raised for the production of “Echos of Influence” between April of 2009 and the Portland Marathon on Oct. 4th 2009 to go towards this campaign effort. John will be donating these shoes to such programs as the YMCA, YWCA, The Boys and Girls Club and others for distribution to the under served youth in their programs.
    John's music fuses his classic sound with a modern edge. John’s influences range from the jazz sounds of Miles Davis and Chet Baker to the modern pop of Sting and Jamie Cullum. John takes the trumpet’s full spectrum of sound and delivers a contemporary approach to a romantic instrument. John Dover and his trumpet, warming you up with his cool tone.
    While working with Loren Weisman and BGE (Brain Grenade Entertainment) John has put together the business plan and budget for “Echo's of Influence”. BGE's FSRP (Freedom Solutions Recording Plan) has inspired John to take the steps to create the “Musical Feat” campaign.
    John's goal is to deliver 550 pairs of shoes with the “Musical Feat” campaign by October. John Dover is running after his dreams of music and helping other musicians as he is supporting and spearheading the M|”Musical Feat” campaign to help the needs of under served kids.

    For more information on John Dover or how to donate to this project, please visit Home, or John Dover on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. You can also find more information at Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC
    and read more about Loren Weisman and other BGE artists striving to redefine the music industry.

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    Re: Trumpeter John Dover launches "Musical Feat" campaign

    Best of luck to you. It's nice to see people looking to give back to their communities.

    Just some constructive feedback. The part about your business plans and efforts to fund your CD seems a bit odd. Almost like the charity work is just a front for your real goal of producing an album...

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