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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpeter Sandoval Blows Horn for Freedom in the General forums; One of the biggest cultural blows to Fidel Castro occurred in 1990, when jazz trumpet master Arturo Sandoval, who had ...
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    Trumpeter Sandoval Blows Horn for Freedom

    One of the biggest cultural blows to Fidel Castro occurred in 1990, when jazz trumpet master Arturo Sandoval, who had toured the world wowing audiences with his horn and touting La RevoluciĆ³n, defected and proceeded to proclaim that everything he had said about Castro was a lie.

    View the main story at

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    There is a movie that was heavily assisted by Sandoval that tells his amazing story. It stars Andy Garcia as Sandoval and is called "For love or Country" (The "or" could be an "of" I don't remember). I really enjoyed it, and Sandoval really did a great job on the music for the movie. If nothing else, listen to it for the music on it! 8)
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    Q: What do you think of President George W. Bush in general and on issues relating to Cuba?

    A: His first priority is to keep this country safe and working. A lot of people don't get it. He has a big responsibility. He has a lot more problems than Cuba. He has problems a lot bigger than that. President Bush is a good man who is doing his best for all of us Americans.

    I'm a Republican, 100 percent. I believe the best presidents have been Republicans, and I like the older Bush [President George H.W. Bush] very much, as well. I like [Ronald] Reagan very much. But I'm so busy trying to put my music together I'm not very involved in politics.
    What? This must be some sort of gigantic conspiracy! Every REAL musician knows that you can't be a real musician if you're a Republican!?!

    Somebody call John Kerry, quick!

    I'm at a loss...... :wink:
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    Do you really think one of John Kerry's priorities, if he gets elected, will be increasing the government's funding of the performing arts?

    I think we are screwed no matter who gets elected.


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    maybe there would be some money for the arts if the deficit wasn't so high. 8)
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