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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trumpophone in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk A vibrating reed does not do what my lips do! I do not need to suck ...
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    Re: Trumpophone

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    A vibrating reed does not do what my lips do!
    I do not need to suck on my lips or drown them with a glass of water for 5 minutes to get started.
    I think that my wife might object if she got a reed instead of a kiss......
    A vibrating reed has a finite life - some are even DOA
    The reed vibrates, our lips are more like a switch - opening and closing - both lips influence the sound.
    Double and triple tonguing are infinitely easier when you don't have the mouthpiece IN your mouth.
    Even history is on our side. The saxhorn and keyed trumpet died and reincarnated as a saxophone - why mess with evolution
    Sorry Cynro, your idea and thread didn't deserve this. Don't let this hinder your creativity. Let us know what you find out. See if you can get the oboe player to participate. Be sure to consult with your physics teacher.
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