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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The truth exposed! in the General forums; Originally Posted by HSOtrumpet1 Here is my take on it... We should appreciate the other instruments (and lighten up folks, ...
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    Re: The truth exposed!

    Quote Originally Posted by HSOtrumpet1 View Post
    Here is my take on it... We should appreciate the other instruments (and lighten up folks, Wynton was just having his little joke) During those 40 measure rests in orchestra, I love listening to the woodwinds and strings take it away! But Rowuk, think about this - Damnation of Faust, March Racoczy. That beginning fanfare. That would sound ridiculous played softly! So would the last movement of the Faust Ballet Music (Ch. Gounod) Also think of a piece like Black Horse Troop March (did I get that name right?) by Sousa. We want the loud, hit-you-in-the-face trumpet sound there. That's a perfect example. There are some times when we want the trumpet color to show through with great intensity, but like you have said, there is a time and place for that. I think the most important thing is to remember to make that distinction. Best regards everyone,

    true power is given to those that have it all: Loud, soft, sensual, flame thrower, heaven and hell!

    Sousa wrote for cornets, I think the hit-in-the-face is exactly what is not called for there.

    My only point is, here is a lady with the power to tame the at least partly pubescent beast. That is something that I (with 4 children) can REALLY relate to! RESPECT!

    My favorite loud is Saturn from Holsts Planets. My favorite "support role" is the second movement of Holsts Suite in Eb for band
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    Re: The truth exposed!

    mmm of my all time favorites.....I'm a huge fan of Jupiter.
    Jesus Christ is Lord!

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