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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Trying something different in the General forums; Originally Posted by Mark_Kindy They have songs that are set, so we know the style and key already, the drummer ...
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    Re: Trying something different

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Kindy View Post
    They have songs that are set, so we know the style and key already, the drummer lays down the beat, and then we go, yes! It's great
    We had an interesting moment when the singers started, had an E pitch played, but then proceeded to sing F, and so I was playing in G minor instead of F# minor. It worked out, we adjusted pretty quickly....
    Hi Mark,
    That is seriously a challenge. Good Luck!
    BTW: I am glad you didn't say the Drummers sets down the Key and the Beat!
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    Re: Trying something different

    Thanks all!
    One more thing I have to say -- the best part about it are the guys I'm playing with. All have such a positive, fun attitude; it's so infectious! It really completes the whole thing, for me. They are all talented, but their attitude makes everything click so well that everything just flows and is natural.

    Best performance last night, so far! It just keeps getting better.
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