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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Tuner in the General forums; Anyone know of a good tuner app that can be used on a Samsung S3?...
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    Anyone know of a good tuner app that can be used on a Samsung S3?
    Mit Kraft!

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    Re: Tuner

    Most should be suitable. Simplest thing to do would be to check reviews of tuner apps online. Usually it's not worth paying for them, just find a free one. If it's free if it doesn't work oh well, you haven't wasted any money.

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    Re: Tuner

    I use Cleartune cost 3€ +-4$. Does the trick for me.

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    Re: Tuner

    I use one called gStrings on my S3 - has a full chromatic mode. I think I paid a couple of bucks for it after trying the freebie version. I'm happy with it.

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    Re: Tuner

    gStrings freebie version - works quite well on my Droid 3 and I do know quite a number of others who use on other phones..
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    Re: Tuner

    Thanks! Despite the cost, I like ClearTune the most.
    Mit Kraft!

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    Re: Tuner

    I've tried a few now, and I find Pitchlab to be the best one for my needs. It has a wealth of different visualization modes, of which only a few are really useful for a wind instrument, but particularly the strobe-like modes give very quick feedback.

    Edit: Best of all is that it seems to be ad-free, and doesn't need to access the Internet all the time to fetch ads.
    gString is pretty good, but the ads annoy me a bit.
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    Re: Tuner

    +1 on gStrings. It's what I use, first on an HTC Evo, now on a Samsung S4.

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