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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Tuning Question in the General forums; I've been playing cornet in 'a' parts with my cornet slides pulled out to tune it to 'a'. Which got ...
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    Tuning Question

    I've been playing cornet in 'a' parts with my cornet slides pulled out to tune it to 'a'. Which got me thinking, when we pull out the main tuning slide, shouldn't that make the valve slides too short? When we tune, why don't we also pull out the valve slides?

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    Re: Tuning Question

    I think it is because we'd never get it all done before the concert is over. The slides are designed to be "close" for Bb, whatever you do to the tuning slide to get there. I think it falls under the category of avoiding micromanagement. We make those small adjustments with our chops or the moveable slides.
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    Re: Tuning Question

    the tuning slides for the valves are made to be tuned with the main slide. occasionally (especially on my experience with tuba and french horn) you can tune other valve slides, trumpeters may use the 3rd valve slide...HIH
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    Re: Tuning Question

    Well, yes, the moment your baseline tube becomes longer, the slides become too short, in theory. The slides, however, are kind of a compromise, except perhaps the 2nd valve slide, so it may be a little more complicated. I heard that some cornets have a ring or other device on the tuning slide itself so that you can use it to tune all fingerings. My Couesnon cornet has a tuning slide with a brace-like thingy that seems to have no other purpose than to offer the possibility of doing that: I can use my right thumb to push or pull the tuning slide as needed, the 1st and 3rd slide have no adjustment device. I am no expert so I'll let the cornet buffs elaborate.

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    Re: Tuning Question

    This is why I like the Schilke X3L with a tunable bell. Problem resolved. Sound is fantastic! R. Schilke was way ahead of his time.
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    Re: Tuning Question

    Yes, you're supposed to pull the valve slides when you tune to A. 1/4" on the first slide, 1/8" on the second, and 3/8" or so on the third.

    Older horns even had lines scribed for this.


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    Re: Tuning Question

    The same applies to tuning an Eb trumpet to D. You pull all the slides. Blackburn actually makes spacers that you insert over the slides to keep them in the right spot when pulled all the way in. I have made similar spacers for other dual key horns that are pulled to s second key.
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    Re: Tuning Question

    Quote Originally Posted by patkins View Post
    This is why I like the Schilke X3L with a tunable bell. Problem resolved. Sound is fantastic! R. Schilke was way ahead of his time.
    So how does a tuning bell overcome this problem... does it matter where the length of the horn changes (before or after the valves)?

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    Re: Tuning Question

    Even if we pull the valve slides, most of the time even the open notes are terribly out of tune. The proportion of cylindrical to tapered pipe changes dramatically and that is not cured by pulling slides. "A" transposition has always been my solution.

    The tuning bell moves the change in taper to a less critical area of the horn. You still need to pull the valve slides, but the open notes are better in tune.
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