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Trumpet Discussion Discuss U of Maryland in the General forums; Hey guys, I had a good conversation with a fellow trumpet player the other day, and we were talking about ...
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    U of Maryland

    Hey guys, I had a good conversation with a fellow trumpet player the other day, and we were talking about his studies with Chris Gekker. That sparked an interest in the Maryland music program, and after listening to some the audio clips of Mahler 3 I'm pretty sold that it's a no BS program. In any case, I'm hoping to get some views about the university's program, not just trumpet, but ensembles, the level of players, guys getting gigs, etc. I'll be auditioning for grad schools soon and this has made the list of potential places I'd like to be, any info is appreciated, thanks!
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    Re: U of Maryland

    I didn't attend MD, but have had several former students go there. From what they told me I would think it would be a great place to go. Chris Gekker is a wonderful teacher and player.
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    Re: U of Maryland

    A good buddy of mine did his masters their while he played in the DC Army Band. He LOVED Chris Gekker...Great school, great program, amazing teacher!!!

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    Re: U of Maryland


    Chris is a fabulous player and has a wonderful reputation as a teacher. If you're looking at a music school within a state university environment, few, if any, are better than UMd.


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