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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Undecided Bride in the General forums; Good luck.................
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    Good luck..............
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    Re: Undecided Bride


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    Re: Undecided Bride

    What ever you do... Do NOT play "Every Breath You Take" by Sting. I cannot believe how many brides wanted this song played at their weddings when it first came out thing it was a romantic ballad. I mean... read the lyrics. It's about stalking... Just sick., tobylou8 and Brad-K like this.
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    Pomp and Circumstance?

    Maybe it's just my odd sense of humor...
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    This is exactly why I hardly ever play weddings, and when I do, I don't agree to do it until I know what music the bride is expecting. Good luck with it.
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    About two years ago. I played at a wedding where we had a drummer, keyboard player, bass player and whoever else wanted to jam. When the music started playing, the Bass player and drummer came up with a beat (Jam session) then the Key player would join in and there were some , saxaphonist and about three of us horn players. We mainly fed off the crowds applause to see which direction they most enjoyed. For our crowd, it was a mixture of Latin and caucasians so we had some Latiz jazz as well as some bebop and blues jam sessions. I'll admit, I'm Mexican, but boy do those Latin licks burn your chops out. It was like a duel against the other two horn players. One of which smoked me and one of the other players away badly. He could not read music but boy could he play by ear into the heavens and above. The blues session was my favorite sessions.

    Anyways, offer her that option of a nice jam session with good musicianship. Let the crowd choose how to lead you. Just a suggestion.... If she is that undecided, I would definitely be wary of what her expectations are. Wedding is in March, and she is still undecided?????? That raises my eye brow
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    had a girl call me one time to see if our brass quintet would play for her wedding. I asked what music she had in mind and she said "wedding music". I asked traditional or modern, she didn't know what I meant. She then asked how many was in our brass quintet and I replied 5, she then asked how many strings were in the group. after I tried to explain what a "brass" quintet was I asked her to come to a reh. and see if we were what she was looking for. she never showed. [ thank goodness]
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    Interesting input, but the OP's question is focused on pre-processional music selections, not reception music. Nothing traditional, no accompaniment and nothing even proposed to date? I would be turning that gig down without a second thought. That's a drama queen moment just waiting to happen.
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    I love the idea of a jam session with any musicians in the family, at the reception
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    Re: Undecided Bride

    Quote Originally Posted by BinaryHulledIon View Post
    Pomp and Circumstance?

    Maybe it's just my odd sense of humor...
    No, Seven years with the wrong woman. ( tip 'o the hat to Eddy Arnold).....

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