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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Unhappy Customer in the General forums; Originally Posted by bumblebee Since their doors were closed, are you suggesting a break-and-enter? --bumblebee NO!! When they re-open at ...
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    Re: Unhappy Customer

    Quote Originally Posted by bumblebee View Post
    Since their doors were closed, are you suggesting a break-and-enter?

    When they re-open at a new location, he can fill our orders legally!
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    Re: Unhappy Customer

    I ordered a TR300 rebuild kit from them a couple of years ago. It arrived in about three weeks, and was fine when it got here.
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    Re: Unhappy Customer

    Tks all for your feedback ... After I placed my order
    I got an email stating I'd have the order in 7-10 days.
    Also I signed up for their membership and when I go to the website
    It says " not logged in" but there is no place to actually
    Log in ... Maybe I'll get my stuff or maybe
    I won't ...Oh well , live and learn
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    Re: Unhappy Customer

    Quote Originally Posted by supposeda3 View Post
    I have used them many times, customer service is bad, and shipping is slow, but no, they are not a scam. I always got what I ordered...eventually.
    Agreed. They're just snail-slow on their shipping.
    Steve Bolander

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    Re: Unhappy Customer

    Snail slow is pretty charitable. My last two orders with that outfit were in 2009. One arrived with an item missing but charged; they've never answered repeated inquiries. The other order was acknowledged, but never shipped, and again they've ignored repeated requests to just cancel the order and refund payment. I hate to say it about someone with as many useful items listed as has, but they could be the only option and I'd still never order from them again.
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