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I was quoting what Jeff Purtle wrote in one of his articles.
Then why bother quoting him without disclaiming it? Can you honestly not see that in that particular context it's a way of tacitly agreeing with it or at the very least advocating the same position? What else is one to assume?

This forum is not the place for absolute statements that don't have the benefit of evidence to back them up without disclaimer. Anything else is merely speculation or opinion. Purtle's statement is pure opinion.

You want to continue promoting those ideas, fine. Start up a thread in General, The Lounge, Steel Cage... you can be as absolute as you want or not.

Hi Manny,

You're right, I should have taken the time to write that I didn't agree with that one point.

What I want to continue to do is occasionally offer suggestions to help players who are having trouble with their playing and looking for help. The teachings of Herbert L. Clarke and Claude Gordon have been instrumental (pardon the pun) in my being able to have a pretty successful career as a player. I like passing on to others what has been beneficial to me. Quite often I get nice e-mails and replies telling me I've been of help - and that feels good. I think you are here for the same reasons.

In this case, the person who is having trouble ("Calliope") has made it clear he doesn't want my help. And that's fine. But it does sadden me a little to have spent as much time as I did not only writing my suggestions to him, but also looking up and creating URL references for more material for him to read, only to read a rather curt reply on his part.

If you feel I've been intrusive by replying to something in your forum area, I apologize. I just saw someone having a problem with their playing that I once had, and I thought I could be of help.


John Mohan