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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Using the Kick Valve in the General forums; I found that as I had learnt on a nice old B&H Regent, which had no slide triggers or rings ...
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    Re: Using the Kick Valve

    I found that as I had learnt on a nice old B&H Regent, which had no slide triggers or rings that I had to deliberately set aside time to "learn" how to use them - now it just happens. I find that in much of the music I play though, that third slide is flicked out and it can remain out without too much drama - often having to be deployed later in the piece anyhow.

    This seems to me to mimic a comment Robin made either much earlier or perhaps in another thread

    Leaving the 'kicker' out tends to lesson the clicking. My Getzen 700S has o'rings to stop the noise and they work well, the Getzen Eterna 900 doesn't and I don't notice the sound, and the Harrelson Bravura, well I'm too busy enjoying myself to think on it.
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