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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Using pressure to improve tone. in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk To be honest, I think that there is hardly a subject imbedded in so much major ...
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    Re: Using pressure to improve tone.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    To be honest, I think that there is hardly a subject imbedded in so much major BS than pressure.

    There are players that can play with low pressure and many of them assume that this is universally applicable to others. HOGWASH!!!!!

    Every one of us is different. Depending on many value judgements that we have to make, we may or may not be suitable for a "lowest pressure" approach. If we don't have our breathing together, we can forget it - no chance.

    I think the major goal is not low pressure - it should be to get the job done. Most of us can reduce pressure enough by EVOLUTION - continued logical practicing with the brain turned on. Many that choose REVOLUTION, usually end up sounding like crap for at least a year and then only if they get lucky, find a way back out.

    I am not saying that low pressure does not work, I am saying that you need to be pretty dedicated if you don't naturally play that way and there is a strong chance that you will discover that it will never work. If you are not suitable, your tone will be thin, bright, endurance weak, consistence below all expectations.

    What is low pressure supposed to accomplish? I can only think of one thing: keep the player from squeezing off the chops when playing high. This assumes that there is enough breath control and synergy of chops, tongue and body use to get the job done.

    My advice, don't take the jump unless there is a real good reason to. Play to sound good today. Practice sensibly and as much as possible the things that you CAN'T play today. Be satisfied with normal progress, don't expect miracles. Earn what you need and you will have it for life.
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    Re: Using pressure to improve tone.

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    Pressure is necessary - just don't overthink it and don't overdo it.
    I think it gets easier the more time we practice -- like the pros -- they use some pressure, but don't seem to move their lips. As a comebacker, 25th month now -- I can see the "Pressure" is less for upper range than it was 12 months ago, and my sound is better. But it takes time - breath control, air support, strengthened lips and face muscle -- it's a whole combination of things -- In my opinion -- that lessen pressure and make it easier to produce good sound.

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    Re: Using pressure to improve tone.

    Pros are all over the place in how they play. There is no universal acceptance that low pressure works everywhere. There is universal acceptance that years of a solid routine builds everything that is "necessary".

    If you don't get it, you don't need it - and the people around you don't want you to have it.
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    Re: Using pressure to improve tone.

    I guess I am worrying about two things with pressure.

    A) Causing my blood pressure to raise.

    B) Getting a dent in my lip.

    The former is definitely the most important, I don't want a stroke. The second is mostly aesthetic. When I play I don't feel that the first is being affected, and if I pucker then the for a little while the second is OK.

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